Digital Citizenship

Period 7 Info Tech

Your Self Image and Identity.

Digital media- It refers to audio, video, and photo content that has been encoded.

Digital citizenship- appropriate actions on the internet such as language, photos, and attitude.

There are a lot of ways digital media affects teenagers. It's helpful to have all the resources when doing reports and essays. Teens also use digital media to stay in touch with old friends and asks friends about homework and things like that. We use the internet for music and videos to watch and listen to in their free time.

Self Image: 2013, My 100th Video

Digital Footprint, Reputation, Relationships, and Communications.

Digital Footprint- Is all the things you've posted on your account

Consequences- outcome of something occurring earlier

posting inappropriate pictures or posts has sever consequences. if someone posts a picture of them in a bra or in their towel after a shower can have some consequences like terminating your account. Ways to resolve around not posting things like that are waiting a day to post it or rereading it 10 times or so.

Image- a mental representation

Double Standard- a set of principle that allows greater freedom to one person or a group than to another.

Many people use the internet for socializing with their friends or new people. There're is a lot of good things that come from social networks such as being able to stay in touch with old friends and to keep others. With every good thing there's aways some bad things, there are people who tell you they are someone else trying to get information from you. People even make fake accounts to harass people. Just know the person you're about to add on whatever sight you're on.

Self esteem and identity
Conflicts, Communication and Relationships