Creative InternPrize

A new Erasmus+ project : Strategic Partnership for VET

In short

Creative InternPrize generates opportunities for start up in careers in the creative industries for students in VET through work based learning apprenticeship experience within the school environment. Such project work is generated by the school in partnership with local industry and players in culture, media, social work, youth and other fields and in this way it places students in contact with the labour market.

The benefits of Creative InternPrize will be for a wide spectrum of student profiles including :

- gifted students who wish to explore career possibilities in the creative industry,
- students often labeled as having learning challenges due to their aptitude for the practical as opposed to formal education,
- students who have a particular creative streak possibly accompanied by a sense of entrepreneurship and
- students from any gender and geographical, cultural, religious, economic, social background given that InternPrize works through projects generating positions and vacancies and therefore giving merit to skills and aptitudes.

The story

InternPrize is the result of experience and exchange that VisMedNet of Malta has had with schools about early school leaving. It works for profiles and learning patterns of students that are maybe not well catered for within the formal learning space. It looks at practices that include project work, practical learning under the leadership of teachers and learning environments that substitute or supplement formal education in school to generate and maintain the excitement of students who would benefit from the change.

These are some videos of projects produced in InternPrize experimentation :)

Flight170 Music Video