Top Tech Ideas for Starting School

Ideas to connect, organize, and manage your classroom

Black Shoes and Fishing Poles

Most ideas in technology are like black shoes and fishing poles. (I don't mean to stereotype, so pick the analogy which connects to you the best)

In my wife's closet there are about 8 or 9 pairs of black shoes. Each one was purchased with a specific purpose in mind. As time has gone on, more reasons for new black shoes have presented themselves. As my wife shops for these shoes, she is confronted with deciding which black shoes work best at that time. She must consider the price, the appearance, how they fit, and what level of comfort (or discomfort) she is willing to sustain while using them.


With any tech, be it a computer, a tablet, something to connect to your computer, an app, a website (2.0 tool), what one can do, there are 17 more that will basically do the same thing. I merely present the following ideas as something which has already been used and comes recommended. I want any suggestion I make to promote 21st century learning and make you and students more efficient and productive. I start with the end result in mind and then pick techy things based on what will get me to that result. You will need to consider them just as you would when picking out that next pair of black shoes OR fishing poles.

Below are three ideas/apps to get you started for the 2013-2014 school year.