Indus River Valley Civilization

By: Gracie, Malik, Bailey, Gidion, Nick, Hunter


The geography of the indis river allowed the indis river civilization to be protected very easily. The indis river is based in the Indian subcontinent protects by the Himalayas in the northeast and the dessert and plains in the northwest. This kept the civilization separated from the rest of the world.


Harpappan-Exports call it a great hall it had several room and a wooden roof. And the drain in the house's collect waste and it drained the streets. Archeologist think the ruins of great baths were evidence that washing and cleaning may have had a religious or ritual meaning.


The city Mohenjo-Daro had a ceremonial center and a royal place where a priest most likely bathed to achieve purity. Most of the writing were found here, they often shows a symbol of bull. Which is assumed was a very important figure like Harappa the city most likely had plumbing.


India was one of the first civilizations to have pluming. they used covered drains to collect waste,hold waste, and rained the street. This and water control systems showed that the Indian river civilization was complex amd highly organized.


Fried clay seals were a form of writing in the Mohenjo-Daro. These seals contain writing in the form of both marks and pictographs. Similar seals contain marks and pictographs have been found in Mesopotamia but unlikely those found at Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro remain undeciphered. Due to the writing being undeciphered there is a lot of information of the indis river civilization that remains unknown.


Another aspect or Hindu belief is the caste system. caste were ranked by there supposed level of "spiritual population". The four original castes have actually evolved over many centuries . Indian nation a-list Gandhi was a member of the Vaisya caste. The levels of caste include Brahmin(priest),Kshatriya (warriors,King's,prince), vaishya (merchants,farmers,artisans), shudra (servants,laborers), harijan (outlast,untouchables.)
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