This Week in Team

Week of May 23, 2016

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Monday, May 23

Levels Meet to Finalize Exams needed

Tuesday, May 24

Levels Meet to Finalize Exams needed

Wednesday, May 25

Senior Awards Assembly

Bell Schedule

1st period: 8:20 – 8:54 a.m.

2nd period: 9:00 – 11:12 a.m

* 4th - 7th period regular bell schedule (There will be no 3rd period this day)

* Freshman will stay in 2nd period until we release all students.

Levels Meet to Finalize Exams needed

Thursday, May 26

End of Year Celebration

Bring your favorite snack to share and we will celebrate another successful year!

Friday, May 20

Team Does Not Meet

Have a wonderful weekend!
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End of Year Checkout Procedures

End of Year Failure Report


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Screencast Your iPad

Method 1 – If you have a Mac computer:
Connect your iPad to your Mac by using the Lightning cable (the cable that came with your iPad). Then open QuickTime on your Mac. Next select “new movie recording” from the QuickTime menu. You can then choose the name of your iPad and click record. When you’re done recording your new screencast will save to your computer as a video file that you can then edit in iMovie if you want to cut out portions of it or lay a music track under your narration.

Method 2 – If you have a Windows computer:
You will need a third-party service that allows you to mirror your iPad to the screen of your Windows computer. Air Server is the service that I recommend for mirroring an iPad to a Windows computer. Air Server includes a recording tool that you can use to make a screencast video of your iPad’s screen. With Air Server running you can just tap record and instantly start capturing your screen and your narration. The video will save on your Windows computer where you can then edit it and or upload it to your favorite video hosting service.

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Schedule a Learning Walk

  • View the master list here.
  • Use this optional form to guide your reflection during/after each learning walk.
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ESL Certification Information

From Mr. Jasso:

I email to provide you with information related to our ESL certification discussion in the English Department meeting this morning. A reminder that CISD is moving towards improved service for ESL students through English instruction. This means that new hires, as well as current staff, will be required to obtain ESL certification by the Spring of 2017. CISD will pay for one exam fee for each teacher impacted (you can elect to take the digital test). The cost of updating your certification status with SBEC would be paid by the teacher, however. Below are resources to help you learn more about this certification and resources to help you prepare for this exam.

Test and Certification FAQs

Study Materials

Register from the Exam

We will pursue face to face training for interested teachers and provide that time and date when available. Thank you again for your positive attitude (and the Diet Cokes)!

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