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November 19, 2021

A Message from Our Principal


With the end of the semester right around the corner, it’s easy to prefer daydreaming about what plans each of us might have for the Holiday Breaks that are upcoming. It’s far more enjoyable than focusing on impending cumulative work or class projects that still need done. But, the reality is, it’s down to the wire, especially for those who are graduating at semester, and sometimes you need that final push to make it through before break.

The end-of-semester slump is something everyone struggles with at one time or another. When people feel overwhelmed, oftentimes after pushing everything until the last minute, sometimes doing anything other than school work sounds better. Don’t give into that pull away from what’s important. Push past the seemingly inevitable slump. Here’s a good checklist of ways to do just that.

Organize yourself

Doesn’t this just seem obvious? Organization will make a huge difference when it comes to getting things done. If you don’t already use a planner, find one you like and begin using it - every day. It could be a digital app on your phone or a physical planner you can write due dates in. The key is to get something that will help you plan ahead for when things need to be completed—including figuring out how you can organize your relaxation/restoration time.

Focus on what’s important

Regardless of how much you might dread upcoming exams or the projects you still have left to complete - the only way to pass them is to prepare and do. That likely means studying a few extra hours than normal. It might look like relying on a friend to read your rough draft a third and fourth time. But the key is to be like Nike and Just Do It. Shut off the phone, turn off the television and zero in on what has to get done. Focus and knock it out.

Get meaningful rest

This seems simple enough, but for so many of today’s youth really don’t benefit from a regular sleep cycle. Get into a solid routine of going to bed at a decent hour. Target a full eight hours of rest. You’ll be surprised how much more productive life can be when you’ve had a good night’s sleep.

Bring balance to your life

Balancing all aspects of your life is always key. That’s especially true during the final weeks of the semester. It’s important to get everything done, but it’s also essential to remember ways to wind down intentionally. Exercising, hiking, walking, reading for pleasure, the occasional video game- all make the balance happen naturally. Without question, balance will make getting everything done much more bearable.

Keep your eyes looking ahead

It’s inevitable that the last few weeks will seem like they’re never going to end. But the calendar tells us clearly that the end is always in sight. Plan some reward for when you get to the finish line. Make it something really worthwhile so that you look forward to the light at the end of the tunnel and know that your hard work throughout the last final push will be rewarded.

Until next time.

Mr. Burr

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Students use Pringles, oranges, graphing calculators, rulers, and each other as they work on a checkpoint assignment in Mrs. DeVaux's math class. Yes, this is a REAL PLatform assignment!

Passion Projects By Tristan Talbot

This year in 10th-grade English, we did a project called, “The Passion Project”. In this project, we picked a subject that we’re passionate about. Then we had to create some sort of project that was based on our passion. We shared our passions with our classes through a series of four blogs that detailed the steps we took throughout, and then we did a TED talk for our final presentation. There were so many great passion projects and they were all very creative and inspiring. The goal of these passion projects was to share your passion and get people interested in these subjects.

One of these passion projects was done by Logan Olson. Logan’s passion project was titled “What Does Passion Mean to People?”. Logan’s goal was to interview people on what their passions were, further asking why they like it so much and why they made it their passion. I asked Logan if there was anything he wished he did differently in his project, and he said that he wished he changed his subject completely to snowboarding. Through his research of what a passion is, he discovered that his true passion was snowboarding.

+Another passion project that was done was by Breah Clark and Lilly Urban. In their project, they hosted a bake sale in the commons. Their bakesale was called “Treats for TCRAS''. All of the profits they made were donated to TCRAS, Teller county Regional Animal Shelter. At Treats for TCRAS they were selling goods like cinnamon rolls, lemon bars, brownies, cinnamon muffins, pumpkin spice cupcakes, and chocolate chip cookies. They were also accepting any toy donations for the animals. At the end of the bale sale, they made a total profit of $228. I asked Breah and Lilly what made them pick this as their passion, and they told me that they both are passionate about baking, and animals. So they had a bake sale where all profits went to the animals.

Another passion project that was done was by Jacob McClenathan. The title of his project was “ What It's Like to be in a Wheelchair for 30 Days.” For Jacob’s passion project, he took the time to use a wheelchair for the duration of the project. He wanted to learn what it was like to have a disability and to see how different people would treat someone with a disability. Jacob learned that he was treated differently, he was helped by fellow students. Some students held the door open for him, and some students even pushed him in his wheelchair. I asked Jacob if there was anything he wished he did differently. He told me that he wished he continued to use the wheelchair outside of school too since he only used the wheelchair during the school day.

In conclusion, these passion projects have had a great impact on the students and staff here in the High School. Many students get to see a new perspective of life, and other students discover their true passions and what they like to do. I believe that the Passion Project had great success here at the school and I hope more students get to participate in it in the future.