Hair Color Policy

Sheriden VanCamp

Why should it matter?

The dress code policy that hair has to be a natural color should not matter, it's unrealistic in the 21st century and it's not as much of a distraction as people make it out to be.


"Tavares High School student Mabry Anderson, 16, had been told by Principal Janice Boyd Tuesday her choice of hair color violated the school districts policy forbidding 'unnatural' hair color and she could not return to campus until the problem was remedied."

The hair color policy shouldn't be so strict. Students should be able to do what they please during their high school and teenage years. Unnatural hair color shouldn't matter since its a form of self expression, which teachers encourage.

The hair color policy is so ridiculous that no matter what, someone will back up the student. "Mabry took her fight to social media website Facebook where her 'Team Mabry' page received more than 800 'likes'."

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