Term 2 Week 3

His faithfulness is new every morning

Monday 4th May - Friday 8th May

  • Monday is an open day, additional people may be coming thru
  • Tuesday 11am. Sheree munch and move supporter, coming to chat to staff
  • Mother's Day breakfast in Hall, Monday and Tuesday. Please be praying for the event
  • Mother's Day cooking; please monitor children with allergies
  • Money from fun run to go to uniform shop, clearly marked and in an envelope if needed
  • Thursday photo day for Geckos and Toucans, all staff to have an individual photo plus a complete staff photo
  • Staff out to dinner :)


It's really important we pray together regularly. Let's all be motivated to encourage each other in this way on a Tuesday and Friday morning and at other times as appropriate.

Be praying for new enrolments in Kindergarten and other grades and that all those involved in this area keep relying on God and His grace and peace.

Pray for lots of opportunities to share Jesus with the families.