A Christmas Carol Background

Caden Heinert

Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens was a famous author that stepped into the spot light during the industrial revolution. His 14 famous books are what made him the famous person he is today. Have you ever read "A Christmas Carol"? Well that was Dickens. He contributed to the industrial revolution with his comedy, books, and "creating the cinema". As a child his family was in poverty due to his dads habits with money. His first book was Oliver Twist and he soon had many more to come.

Child Poverty

The Victorian era was full of poverty, especially child poverty. The industrial revolution helped the children in poverty by opening up jobs for children. This helped them gain money to take their family out of prison.

Industrial Revolution

The industrial revolution was a point in history where many innovations were made to make work easier on a large scale of manufacturing. The industrial revolution didn't cause poverty it gave children a place to work for money to pay their families debt. Many innovations were made such as the steam engine.

Victorian Era

The Victorian Era was when the industrial revolution occurred. Its name came from queen Victorian who was in power of Britain at the time. Child poverty was high and rich people were low in this period of time.