The 39 Clues: The Vipers Nest

By: Peter Lerangis


In the 39 clues series Amy and Dan Cahill travel around the world to collect the 39 clues before their competitors gets the hold of it and become the most powerful person on Earth.


At their grandmother’s (Grace Cahill) funeral all of the Cahill family around the world had been invited. On that day her will took place in which they had to decide between 1 million dollars or 39 clues hunt which could lead them to the most powerful person in the world. Amy and Dan were one of the 6 teams who chose the 39 clues which could also result in death. After the will, things started to get serious. Their family started betraying one another and even tried to kill Amy and Dan couple of times.

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Grace Cahill

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Their ancestors Luke, Katherine, Thomas and Jane Cahill were the 4 children of Gideon Cahill (the first Cahill). Each children created their own branch named after their name. Luke’s branch was the Lucians, Katherine’s branch was Ekaterina (Ekat), Thomas branch was Tomas and Jane’s branch was Janus.

Lucians were the ones who could strategize and were born to be leaders, such as Benjamin Franklin, Winston Churchill. Ekat’s are the inventors with new and unique inventions for instance, Thomas Edison and Albert Einstein are one of the famous people from this branch. Thomas are the athletes with lots of physical strength for example the Shaka Zulu. Janus are the creative artist, some of the famous people belongs from this branch, for example Wolfgang Amedeus Mozart, Vincent Van Gogh and many more.

In the 7th book of the series Irina Spasky - a Lucian - an expert KGB agent sacrifices her life for Amy and Dan to save them from the fire in the forest that one of their opponents Isabel Kabra - the co-leader of the Lucian – created in Indonesia. Before she died she gave them a clue which were simply the lyrics to a song, which points the two siblings to their next destination, South Africa. When they arrive to their destination, a mysterious man hands them a post card which leads them to the great leader of the Zulu nation, Shaka Zulu. Soon they find that he was one of the recognizable members of the Tomas branch and that his tomb was located somewhere in Tomas refuge. Both Amy and Dan sneak into the stronghold of the Tomas and discover the Shaka Zulu’s tomb and in it they find a box that holds a diamond.

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Shaka Zulu


The two get mistaken for thinking that the diamond is the clue but later on they unravel the mystery of the clue which was aloe, found to be in the box. After discovering the clue they head for the airport but before they do that they get kidnapped by one of their opponents, the Kabras. Isabel Kabra offers them to adopt them and to share a vial of green liquid, which she said it to be the most important ingredient to the 39 clues in exchange for them sharing their information on the clue they just found. When the siblings reject her offer, she leaves them to die but they escape it and they snatch the vial from her and run away. Later, Dan and Amy get into a quarrel and accidentally break the vial and it spills on Dan. The green substance in the vial turns out to be a slow-acting poison and they also discover that Isabel lied to them big time. They fly over to one of their grandmothers, Grace Cahill home in Madagascar to see if their grandmother had an antidote and it soon turns out that she did and that is not the only thing they found. While they were there Amy noticed a book, when she opened it she recognized the handwriting of her grandmother and couldn’t help reading it, little did she know that she would discover the she was from the madrigal branch, the branch that other branches were terrified of and were also known for some of their killing.

3 questions

Who is the current leader of the madrigal branch and why?

What are the madrigal branch known for?

How was the branch created?

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The Series of the 39 Clues

Why recommend ?

I would highly recommend this book to others because it holds mystery and tons of cliff hangers which gets you thinking what further happens in the story, which leads you to read even more until you finish the last page of the book and it is very addictive.