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Question1: Who founded the game bowing?

A) Egypt

B) Australia

C) Brazil

Question 2: Who was Walt Disney 's oldest brother?

A) Flora Call Disney

B) Elias Disney

C) Roy Disney

Question 3: Which company invented surface computing?

A) Microsoft

B) Apple

C) Samsung

Question 4: In which year, did the Olympic games first happen in Canada?




Question 5: Who invented the balloon?

A) Michael Faraday

B) Sir Humphrey Davy

C) Thomas Edison

Question 6: Which country invented fireworks and when?

A) India, 1250

B) China, 1150

C) India, 1340

Question 7: What was the first character of Walt Disney Productions?

A) Oswald, The Lucky Rabbit

B) Mickey Mouse

C) Goofy Goof

Question 8: What is Ajay' s faviroute Disney Charecter?

A) Goofy

B) Mickey Mouse

C) Donald Duck

Question 9: What does the phrase Hakuna Matata mean? (Hint: The phrase comes in a song in the Disney Movie, the lion king!)

A) No worries

B) How is it going

C) You are my friend

Question 10: What was the first jet to use stealth technology?

A) Super Sonic

B) F-117 Nighthawk

C) SR-71 Blackbird

Question 11: How old do you need to be to drive in Ontario?

A) 20 years old

B) 18 years old

C) 16 years old

Mind Refresher: At what age can your head explode?

Question 12: Which car company does Ajay like the most?

A) Aston Martin

B) Lamborghini

C) Ferrari

Question 13: What is the world's best electric car?

A) Tesla

B) Volt

C) Leaf

Question 14: What is the second biggest continent in the world?

A) Asia

B) North America

C) Africa

Question 15: What is the world's most populated city?

A) Tokyo

B) New Delhi

C) Mumbai

Question 16: What is the world's third most populated country?

A) United States

B) Russia

C) Brazil

Question 17: What upgrade is facebook going to have?

Question 18: Who is this person?

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Question 19: Who is this person? You know this!!!!

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Question 20: What car is this?

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