The Body in the Woods

By April Henry


Alexis Frost - She is a 16 year old teenage girl with blonde hair, pale skin with a pretty appearance who is an innocent girl,independent and responsible. In some areas she is not that bright. A Portland Search and Rescue volunteer.

Nick Walker- Is a 16 year old teenage boy is is from african race with olive skin color who has a afro. He is a kid who take great part in this book.He is a brave,studious, independent boy and who at times defies orders. A Portland Search and Rescue volunteer.

Ruby Mcclure - She is a teenage girl with bright,wavy,reddish hair with her pale white skin and her petal like lips, Ruby is pretty in her own way but in the weird way. Ruby is independent, responsible, studious and smart but she is obviously not a sociable person. Ruby is girl who is trying to blend in with the rest of the crowd and SAR may be the only way. Her only 'friends' might be Nick and Alexis only because the work together in Portland Search and Rescue. She is a volunteer.

The killer: A psychopath adult. Like to lure victims to their death taking advantage of them. Victims of his choice : teenage girls, most homeless,depending on the type of hair they have.. Signature move : choking them with a leash.


It takes place in Portland, Oregon. You would expect for part of the book to take care at school since the three main characters are teens,but this is not the case.It mostly takes place afterschool and the park. Also the streets within the big city and the nature-filled parks are a big part of the story. It is situated in this modern time.Within the spooky night in the streets lots of thing happen like drug deals or murder, perhaps.
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This conflict was person vs person. It is so because they are trying to find a person who is killing people.

Plot Summary

It all starts when Portland Search and Rescue is trying to find a missing man who is autistic. Instead of finding that man Alexis, Nick and Ruby find a dead body in the woods. Soon after that the police is trying to find the killer. Within time they supposedly find the killer who was a man who was also charged with growing of weed. But the three are sure that the killer is still loose. Soon Ruby connects this murder to another a past murder of a girl who was killed the same way this victim was. The three of them work together to find clues in order to catch the killer before there is another victim. Sadly there is another body. The three later realize who the killer when basically the killer goes for Ruby this time. Nick and Alexis fight the killer to save Ruby. Because of that the three caught a serial killer who would be in jail for a long time.

Significant Quotes

“Death could come in so many forms. You might get hit by a car or struck by lightning. You might die in your sleep or choke on a Tootsie Pop or develop a tumor that ate you up from the inside. And, most fascinating of all, you might be murdered.” - Ruby Mclure

"A lot of serial killers are sociopaths. They’re born without empathy. They don’t understand that other people have feelings, too. It’s like they’re born broken." (95)

"What kind a person just murders a girl and dumps the body in the woods?" Nick Walker

About the author

April Henry is a New York Times-best selling author of mystery, thrillers and young adult novels. She was born in April 14, 1959 in Portland, Orlando. Her first book Circles of Confusion was published in 1999.Ever since she has been writing more book like Girl Stolen, The Girl Who Supposed To Die, Torched and lots more. Her up coming book is going to be called The Girl I Used to Be which is due out April 12, 2016.

The Body in the Woods by April Henry is the first book in April Henry’s Point Last Seen YA mystery series. It is a suspense/mystery/thriller book. It was selected by the Junior Library Guild,chosen by Scholastic and was a winner for the Oregon Book Award.