lewis and clark entry

Meriwhether Lewis chose Willis Clark as his co-captain on there journey. In 1803 Thomas Jefferson sent Lewis and Clark to find a water route to the picific. Lewis and Clark had a dog named seaman. More than 1 dozen pepole traveled with them. They found a white tailed deer, a missouri beaver, and a plains gray wolf. At the end of July they traveled over 600 miles up the river. They also used plats to heal people and things.

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Seaman the saver

Seaman was a black newfoundland dog. He was parchased in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for $20.He also saved Lewis and Clark for a bear attack in the woods. During the expidition around May 14, 1805 both Lewis and Clark performed sergery on one of seaman's arteries in his leg that had been served by a beaver bite. Seaman was stolen by the indian tribe and lewis threatened to send 3 armed men to kill the indian tribe.