Norwex Monthly Newsletter

How toxic is your home?

Welcome to my first Norwex Newsletter

For those that may not have heard of Norwex a quick background to the company. They are actually a Norwegian company that started their business 20 years ago and expanded into 10 other countries launching in the UK on April 1st of this year. It all began with a simple cloth and bugs on a windscreen. Using just a microfibre cloth and water, was so effective the revolutionary 'Cleaning without chemicals' was born. It seems mad but we were so into chemicals back then and it has continued unchecked. Once I and many of the other consultants began seeing the results for ourselves, of what Norwex is all about, we realised it's not just about the products (and how good they are) it's about how we live, and how we've allowed ourselves to believe in the chemicals and the perfumes that we use every day.

Anyone seen the news recently? 80,000 chemicals have been introduced onto our consumer shelves in the last 50 years and less than 200 have ever been tested on long term health let alone tested together. (Think of the chemical reaction of coke and mentos).

Norwex is committed to radically reducing chemicals in our homes to promote the health of your family and of the environment and create safe havens around the globe.

Asthma? Eczema or other allergies?

Our homes are full of toxic chemicals that lead to health problems. Perhaps consider changing one thing to start making your home a healthy home.

Our Envirocloth, Window Cloth and Dust Mitt are used with just water - No need to buy any degreasers, bathroom cleaners, anti bac spray or wipes, window cleaners or polish ever again! No fumes hooray! The results are staggering AND it can remove 99% bacteria.

Or perhaps your washing powder is causing you grief, fragrance or fillers will contribute to eczema and other skin allergies. Fabric softeners and dryer sheets are one of the most toxic. Our washing powder is filler and fragrance free and so gentle on the most sensitive skin. Because it doesn't contain fillers you only need one teaspoon for each wash, so one pack can easily last about 4 months.

This month's offers. May 2016

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Thank you so much for reading, I hope you have found it interesting. If you would like to learn more on how to make your home a healthy one please get in touch. I offer one to one demonstrations, Facebook online parties and to a group of friends. Hosting is easy and Norwex have a very generous rewards programme, my hosts are earning on average £175 free products! If you love the products, why not jump on board and join the Norwex family. Great time to do it in May with the savvy shopper kit, no sales required.

I am also looking for table top events in and around S E Kent if anyone knows of any.

Hope to see you soon, Linda

The Norwex Movement website has lots of tips, ideas and handy quizzes on how you can reduce the use of chemicals in your homes.