nuestra clase de español

La clase de español de Profe

¿Qué hacemos en clase ahora? ~ What are we up to in class now?

Quarter one is over…And, right now, we are finishing our first unit: ¿Qué te gusta hacer? (What do you like to do?). We are also conjugating verbs, so that we know how to speak to others! We know how to express our likes and dislikes…and talk about places around town! Our test is coming up after Thanksgiving break…and then we will begin our unit on La Familia.


  • Ser positivos, respetosos, amables y simpáticos.
  • Estar preparados (con tu cuaderno, el vocabulario, un lápiz y la tarea)
  • Llegar a tiempo.
  • Escuchar bien a la maestra y a los estudiantes.
  • No tener chicle.

Unidades ~ Units

Here are the units we will study (not necessarily in this order):

¿Qué te gusta hacer?
Community and Neighborhood

Entre Familia
Family Life

Describing people/things

¡A Comer!

Ordering in a restaurant

¡De compras!

Expressing preferences

Extending/Accepting invitations

Making Plans

Cuerpo sano, mente sana

Physical Ailments/Conditions

Otras Unidades (Other Units):
House and Home

Professions and Chores

Winter Activities

Travel and Culture

Las notas ~ Grades


Assessments (Tests/Projects/Quizzes/Writing Assignments) ~ 60%

Practice ~ 20%

Participation/Speaking ~ 20%

· Unit exams will be given upon completion of each unit. Students will be notified well in advance of all tests and projects.

· Writing compositions that correlate with unit topics will be assigned.

· Quizzes will also take place regularly; sometimes several per week.

· Practice activities will be completed in class, but many will be graded!

· Students can expect homework ONLY IF they do not finish our classwork activities, or use their time wisely!

·It is the student’s responsibility to make up all work missed due to absence as soon as possible.

· Student participation will include reading activities, as well as dialogues, songs, and oral presentations.

· Students should make every effort to practice speaking in Spanish. Rosetta Stone practice will help increase their confidence!!

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¿Les gustan nuestras calaveras del Dia de Los Muertos?

Son muy lindos, ¿no? ¡Somos muy creativos!

Rosetta Stone

You will be receiving a letter regarding our use of Rosetta Stone throughout the remainder of the year. Students will have time in class, but will also need to use their own time to complete the requirements.

They may use a computer OR...

Students may also access Rosetta Stone on tablets and smart phones. Students can download the app and log in under “enterprise and education learners”. The username and password is the same and the online portal is “bscsd”.

Students will receive a tracker sheet to keep track of their use, in case of discrepancies between their recollection and my records.

See link below...

Rosetta Stone

Click here to go directly to Rosetta Stone! Goal #1: 2 hours by 12/23/15

¿Necesitas ayuda? ~ Do you need help?

I am after school for extra help... See me to make an appointment!

Click here to get your extra credit on!!

Señora Albrycht

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. Email is my preferred method of contact, but I am more than willing to call you if you'd prefer.

Homework, assignments, notes and answer keys will be posted on my website to make students’ lives easier. It will also help you to keep them organized. If your child does not have access to the internet, they will have ample opportunity to use the website if need be.