By M.H.Herolng

Buddy to love


This story is about a boy with a middle class family with a sister,mom,dad,a baby and a boy who is the main character and true love for his dog.A boy named Lil t one day with his family going to church hit a dog driving.driving. Lil t loved dogs and he gets to keep the dog.The dog was his favorite person to be with but one day hurricane Katrina hit in New Orlands so they left the dog behind the dog was safe but adopted by someone else do you think that he will get his dog back happily?

Point of view Lil T


True love is all about sacrifices and hard work.Love is not easy to give to someone who you loved more than anything!

Theme apliance

To me theme can apply to me like a goal or a guideline!it will make you know what you are going for without aiming nowhere.Theme can help people look for what they'r looking for.Without a guideline nothing can be accomplished.Theme helps me by education and what i want to be when i grow up.So i set up a guideline to know where i am aiming for.Theme can help many people and everybody needs a theme!