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April 25-28, 2016 #proudtobeajet #mcslearn


Please share this link with your students and VOTE for the Poem In Your Pocket winner. The winner will receive a MAJOR AWARD on Friday, May 6th.
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Radiooooo-A Musical Time Machine

RADIOOOOO is a musical time machine that allows listeners from all over the world to discover musical treasures from any country over a century and more thanks to its innovative and playful system!

Pick a country, pick a decade from the 1900s to today and let yourself get carried away by the most beautiful musical library the world has to offer. the musical space-time machine available soon! Support us !

The Museum of Endangered Sounds

Do you remember that good old Microsoft Messenger sound? Or that sound your computer made when it was starting up back in the ’90s? Will your children know what a dial-up modem sounded like? The Museum Of Endangered Sounds sets out to preserve those often-forgotten sonic artifacts; just head here and dive into that sweet, sweet nostalgia. If you’re into creating weird sounds, however, check out another virtual database, The Online Museum Of Weird Instruments.

If you want more retro sounds, here are 30gb of rare tapes from the ’80s and this archive of 90s rave tapes should keep your dancefloor needs covered.

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The theme in the JCHS Library for the month of May is: Thank-O-Rama!

Thank-O-Rama is perfect for the end of the year to get students, teachers and administrators reflecting on all they have to be thankful for from this school year.

Please come to the library sometime in May to participate!

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The Thank You Book — Coming May 3rd!