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The Carver Chronicles is a newsletter designed to share and celebrate all of the great learning activities, extra-curricular events and awesome accomplishments that happen every day at Carver Middle High School!

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5 Things you may not know about...Ms. Haen

1. Ms. Haen has a 1 year old black lab named Bruin.

2. She works at Duxbury Beach during the summer.

3. She coaches soccer and softball at CMHS.

4. She plays on an adult co-ed soccer league.

5. If Ms. Haen were not a math teacher, she would love to be a secret agent spy!

High School Student Spotlight: Luke Halunen

  • Name: Luke Halunen
  • Grade: 12
  • Favorite class: Stats
  • Favorite food: Tacos
  • Favorite holiday: Christmas
  • Favorite movie: Polar Express/Toy Story
  • Favorite TV show: Criminal Minds
  • Favorite sports team: Patriots
  • Favorite athlete: Lebron James
  • Hobbies: Basketball, baseball, football
  • Accomplishments: Luke is currently a three sport captain in the sports mentioned above. Member of the CMHS Captain's Council.
  • Interesting facts: Luke has a fake front tooth!

Middle School Student Spotlight - Sarah Gould

  • Name: Sarah Gould

  • Grade: 8

  • Favorite class: English

  • Favorite movie: The Lion King

  • Favorite book: The Outsiders

  • Favorite food: Strawberries

  • Hobbies: Painting, playing with pets

  • Favorite holiday: Christmas

  • Pets: 2 Cats: Harper and Charlie, 2 Geckos: Keplar and Sparky

  • Favorite Sport: Softball

  • Career Interests: A vet!

  • Accomplishments: Made President's List in the 7th grade!

  • Fun fact: Sarah is obsessed with goats


1/24/20: Senior Lock-In

1/28/20: Term 3/Semester 2 begins


Monday 1/27: North and South Bus

Tuesday 1/28: No Late Bus

Wednesday 1/29: North Bus Only

Thursday 1/30: North and South Bus


Monday, Jan 27: Period 1 exam followed by Period 5 exam

No lunches will be served for HS students on the half days, and buses will arrive for dismissal at 10:50a.m.

Students are expected to use the entire testing time for successful completion of their exams and should not be dismissed until the scheduled end of each exam. Juniors and seniors are not expected to report during an exam period when they are normally scheduled for a directed study or internship, if they can provide their own transportation. If juniors and seniors cannot provide their own transportation, they must report to their scheduled study. All freshman and sophomores are to be at school from 7:32 a.m. to 10:50 a.m. on Thursday, Friday and Monday.


The students of the POST program are involved in many different jobs in the school and community. One of their favorite jobs is putting together the packages for Peyton Packs. Peyton Packs are distributed to students in the elementary school on Friday’s. Here are some pictures of them putting together the packages and delivering them to the Shane Gives Thanks Food pantry.

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During the final class of the semester for Unified Physical Education, students from the POST Program created gift bags and handed them out to students, to prepare them for their mid-term exams.

It’s that time of year again! Our Anatomy students show off their knowledge of the muscular system as they guide an agile “ninja” through the Muscular Obstacle course.

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This week in ELA class, Ms. Reardon's students are working in groups to review for the big vocabulary exam! They collaborate to make flashcards, and then use the flashcards to complete various review activities!

Eighth grade students are busy creating small relief prints from linoleum blocks.

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Ms. Varnerin's Algebra I honors class presents their "Shark Tank" business ideas for some very interesting products! This included: a dog collar with a GPS locator chip, a magnetic "pop" for your phone, and hand-made, customizable scrunchies with "Ouchless" fabric. Students had to convince the sharks to invest in their product by demonstrating a thorough knowledge of their costs, profit, revenue, and "break even point" which they found by writing and solving a system of equations.

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Congratulation to Dylan Young for being selected to serve as Carver Middle High School's Project 351 Ambassador. An Ambassador is an 8th grade student selected by educators in their community based on an exemplary ethic of service and values of kindness, compassion, humility, and gratitude. As a member of Project 351, Ambassadors represent their family, school, and community with honor, humility, and pride. Over a year's term, they engage with a community of peers in team-based service projects and leadership development opportunities. Last weekend, Dylan participated in Launch Day in Boston which included a day of service and celebration with all of the Project 351 Ambassadors.

Pencil tower build in the library!

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A friendly reminder from the Student Outreach Group

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Students in Culinary class creating their "cultural" dish as part of their final! Mmmmm!

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The United Parish of Carver is looking for support with a Children's Story & religious education hour (9:30-10:30-Sundays) Let me know if interested and I'll share contact info.

Also, they are looking for someone with tech skills to help improve their website: again, let me know if interested.

STICKER SHOCK 2020 (1/31)

•Help Carver Cares develop a graphic to encourage adults over 21 NOT to purchase alcohol for minors.

Guidelines here:

•Submit entry digitally to (and to your history teacher)

•Earn 2 community service hours for an entry.

•Talk to a Caring Crusader for more information.

As a reminder, your community service progress will be reported on term 2 report cards.


Members of the Environmental Club calling Senator Pacheco and Representative Gifford urging them to update the MA bottle bill and protect the environment!

Superintendent Scott Knief has been the fearless leader of Carver Cares since the very beginning! Many years ago he took action; and others followed! Hear how today’s group came to be…

Carver Cares origins


Carver Cares and the Caring Crusaders are inviting students to participate in our Sticker Shock Contest that aims to address underage drinking.

As a way for students to get involved, we are looking for YOUR creativity to design a sticker to be posted on coolers in local liquor store establishments. The goal of these stickers is to prevent adults from buying alcohol for minors. All design submissions will be voted upon and the winning sticker will be used in the 2020 Campaign. The designer of the winning sticker will also receive a prize.


● Stickers should include a positive message. For example, a positive message may be: “Make the right choice. For you and for them. Don’t buy alcohol for minors.”

● Include Penalties for buying alcohol for minors: "Up to one year in jail and/ or $2,000 in fines."

● Include the Carver Cares and/or Caring Crusader logo-- Please contact Merielle at for logos!

● The sticker can be no larger than 5x5 inches in size.

● You must use graphic design software tools to create the sticker. Ex: Canva, Publisher, InDesign. Design must be submitted electronically.

Designs must be submitted via email to no later than Friday, January 31, 2020. Questions? Contact Merielle at 508-542-6992 (call/text) or

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Emma Simmons hit a major milestone on Tuesday night for LCB by scoring her 1000th career point vs Norwell!

All of the players and coaches are very proud of this accomplishment as it is only the 4th time in school history that someone has done this in the girls basketball program.

What many people don’t see about Emma is how hard she worked for this. During the off season Emma usually shoots upwards to 40,000 shots on her own time, and many times very late at night when she can get gym access at local courts. Many of the 1000 points that Emma has scored have also come by way of hard drives into the paint where there is a lot of traffic and contact. These are tough points to score and Emma has never shied away from the physical aspect of the game.

Emma is a two year captain for our program and has been a great leader. She leads by example and hard work. Basketball is a true passion for her. Her legacy in the LCB program will live on long after she graduates as many of our youth players in town look up to her and want to make the kind of positive impact that she has made for the program.

For years to come we will all look up to Emma’s name on the banner in the gym and remember her with great pride and joy for all she has done for LCB.

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Here is the upcoming schedule for this week. Get out there and cheer on your Crusaders!

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Reminder to seniors: please share your good news and let us know when you get accepted into college!


Stay warm this winter in your new Crusader gear!

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The middle school will continue taking orders for the Yankee Candle fundraiser online through January. To place an order please use the following link: