Ruby Bridges

How she made a difference

In the beginning.

Ruby was born in Mississippi in 1954, the oldest child of Abon and Lucille Bridges. That year the United States handed down its landmark decision ordering the integration of public schools.

Her family

It was a very hard life for Ruby. Her parents heard there were better opportunities in the city. they moved to New Orleans, where her father found work as a service station attendant, and her mother took night jobs to help support the growing family. She had 1 brother and 1 sister.

Why ruby went to the school

Under federal court order, New Orleans public schools were finally forced to desegregate. In the spring of 1960 she took a test, along with other black kindergarteners in the city, to see who would go to an integrated school come September. That summer her parents learned she'd passed the test and had been selected to start first grade at William Frantz Public School. Her mother was all for it. Her father wasn't. He thought things weren't going to change, and blacks and whites would never be treated as equals. Her mother thought It would have an opportunity to get a better education if she went to the new school - and a chance for a good job later in life. Eventually her mother convinced her father that despite the risks, they had to take this step forward, not just for their own children, but for all black children.
A federal judge decreed that Monday, November 14, 1960 would be the day black children in New Orleans would go to school with white children. There were six of us chosen to integrate the city's public school system. Two decided to stay in their old schools. The other three were assigned to McDonough. She went to William Frantz alone. The morning of November 14 federal marshals drove her mother and her the five blocks to William Frantz. In the car one of the men explained that when we arrived at the school two marshals would walk in front of us an two behind, so we'd be protected on both sides.
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The school day

Through the window, there was white parents pointing at them and yelling, then rushing their children out of the school because they did not want their children to be taught we her. Mrs. Henry was ruby's teacher in the classroom ruby was the only student. Over time they started making some white children come into the class to join ruby.

Most amazing part

One morning Ruby stopped before she entered the school and started moving her lips. People where surprised to hear ruby praying for the mob. She was praying to GOD so he may forgave them for saying all the mean things about her.

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Yes.One person can change the world. With out ruby the schools might have been


She opened up the door for all black children to have a good education. . It was not easy for Ruby to go to school like that every day. But slowly the world came to accept it. With out her some of us would not be where we are know. Yes. One person can make a difference.

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