Eighth Grade Assignments

April 13 - 17, 2020

Wellness Wednesdays

Be reminded that per Dr. Macon's weekly message, every Wednesday going forward will be Wellness Wednesday. This means students will have no new assignments given by teachers. They should use this opportunity to catch up on work, spend time with family, go outside, and stay connected.

This is a teacher workday. Teacher responses may not be within the typical 24 hr window on these days.

Sunday, April 19 11:59 pm - ALL WEEKLY ASSIGNMENTS DUE

Social Studies - Mabry & Mills

Students should continue working on the digital journals assigned through Google Classroom. We began this journaling process the week before spring break and will continue through the end of this week. All journal entries, photo album pages, and other notes are due Sunday, April 19 at 11:59 pm. Students should submit through Google Classroom.

If students need to edit the document in Google Slides, they should share it with their Social Studies teacher through email.

If you have questions, reach out to teachers.

Mrs. Mills Weekly Zoom Meetings - Tuesdays and Thursdays; 2-3 pm. While these are not required for attendance, they will include some content conversations moving forward. The meetings will be recorded and posted in Google Classroom. Passwords are posted in Google Classroom - these are required to participate!

Math 8 - Gregg

8th Grade MATH-Gregg: Week of April 13th-17th

1- WATCH these 3 screencasts of Mrs.Gregg going over “The Laws of Exponents”. PLEASE BE PATIENT as the videos will take some time to upload! Then, watch it again, taking notes, and be sure to write down at least 1 question or more that you still have after watching the videos. We will have a ZOOM MEETING tomorrow at 12:30 to discuss all questions about “The Laws of Exponents”. **BE SURE TO ATTACH YOUR QUESTION(S) in GoogleClassroom under the SCREENCASTS.

2- GUIDED NOTES: The Laws of Exponents- Copy notes. Have 2 windows open, one WINDOW with the guided notes pages and one window with me explaining and showing you how to do it. **BE SURE TO ATTACH A SCREENSHOT OF ALL 3 PAGES OF GUIDED NOTES AFTER YOU HAVE COMPLETED THEM.

3- FLOCABULARY: Username- gregg2823 Password- month5261

Choose MATH>Expressions & Equations>Exponents: Advanced Properties

  1. Watch the video

  2. Complete the READ/RESPOND (take a screenshot every time you answer a question)

  3. Take the QUIZ (screenshot your results)

4- IXL>Gr.8>F.12>Evaluate Expressions Using Properties of Exponents; SmartScore Goal = 85%

***Use the following link as a resource: http://maisonetmath.com/exponents/video There are 4 videos here, starting with 1-Exponent Basics (optional video), 2- Laws of Exponents (main video), 3- Solving Problems Involving Exponents (will def help on your IXL’s), and 4- Why Anything to the Zero Power is ONE (for those of you that are still curious and need more explanation)


Math I - Downs

Hi friends. I miss you. Hope your breaks had some relaxing and enjoying the outdoors!!

We are going to be diving into quadratics. We are applying the factoring we learned to solve. This is play into our next section when we apply all the skills and draw/graph quadratics.

Keep it up lil homies!

Please check Google Classroom for the weekly videos and assignments.

If you are late on a task or fall behind, do not worry. Just make up for it and catch up! This is SUPER important going forward in your math career so don't blow it off!

As always reach out to me if you have questions!


Or through Remind! @downsmath1

ELA - Huntley

You may submit your work any time during the week. It is due by Sunday at midnight.


There will be NO quiz on Thursday.

I hope you guys have a great week. Please message me in Canvas if you have ANY questions or concerns AT ALL!

1. Go to the following link


I have put a copy of the article in Canvas should the article or link not open. It is called:

You may change the Lexile in the upper left-hand corner and you may also have the text read to you.

2. Read the article.

In No Red Ink Answer the following prompt that is listed at the bottom of the page.

3. Beginning this week, we will be zooming twice a week. Our times will be 930-10 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. On Tuesday, we will simply meet and talk and answer any questions that you have about the assignments or simply catch up.. On Thursday, we will have an assignment to share and discuss.

This week’s assignment is the following:

Imagine that you work as a conservationist on Rottnest Island. Design a poster informing visitors about appreciating the island's quokkas without harming or disturbing the animals. Be sure to address whether visitors are permitted to feed the animals, touch them, or take photos with them! Then, think about how else you could get this message across - recorded announcements, social media campaigns, videos? Brainstorm ideas and pick one to create.

Assignments for the week.

How and where to submit your work.

  1. SCHOLASTIC Article: Saved by Selfies

2. Go to No Red Ink and answer the following prompt. ****The prompt is based on the article and the video****

What are some of the pros and cons of social-media-fueled tourism for quokkas?

For each positive and negative effect, also note the strength of the evidence behind it. Is there scientific data supporting it, or it is it still a hypothesis that must be investigated further? Then write a paragraph about whether you think the social media attention is beneficial or harmful for quokkas.

This submission is 225 words.

ELA - Mabry

This week's assignments focus on 2 key areas.

I ) Wrap up & submit final entry for your independent book project. ALLLLLLLLLLLL work for that assignment ( which started back on about March 4th ) should be submitted by 11:59 pm WEDNESDAY. Yes, I know Dr. Macon said all work was due by Sunday, but this was ORIGINALLY due April 8th, so the 15th is actually a week's extension.

IF YOU HAVE A ROWAN PUBLIC LIBRARY BOOK that I gave you AND you cannot get it back to the PUBLIC LIBRARY, please let me know so I can figure out how to get it from you.


As I read your novel responses, a common area that still needs work is writer's tone & the mood they create & how all of that affects theme. A basic tool writer's use to convey tone & create mood is word choice ( AKA - vocabulary). Words have two types of meaning:



This week we explore both of those & apply that knowledge to writing & speaking.

1) Watch the videos/screencasts that have been upload on CONNOTATION & DENOTATION & TONE. Use these videos as a reference. There is nothing to submit from them, but you DO NEED TO WATCH THEM.

2) Complete the Positive, Negative, or Neutral sheet. It is a Google Document, so just share it with

sally.ervin-mabry@rssed.org & submit.

3) Complete the Change the Mood sheet. Again- it's a Google Document - so share it with me.

4) 50 minutes of vocabulary training, 65% or higher accuracy, no more than 5 dubious minutes. Pay attention to DENOTATION & think about CONNOTATION as you study your words.

LASTLY- We'll have a ZOOM meeting Monday & Thursday to review this week's work & go over the standards form that I will be using for each of you these next few weeks.

Class meetings are at 10:30 Monday & 11:30 on Thursday.

See you then.

Enrichment Opportunity - AIG English

Rowan Salisbury's AIG department is offering a collaborative enrichment opportunity to all AIG students.

If you are interested, please open the attached document and click on the document below.

Science - Losey

All assignments for the week will be posted in Canvas. Please make sure to follow directions for each day. You can complete them one a day or all together.

All assignments for this week are due by Sunday, April 19th at 11:59 pm.

Please contact Mrs. Losey if you have questions about assignments or submissions.

Science - Taylor

Hey Everyone. I sincerely miss being in class! After we finish our submersibles this week we are going to be looking at water quality and how it is determined. Weather permitting, we (me in person, you virtually 😂)are headed on a field trip Tuesday. The following should be completed this week and submitted by Sunday the 19th at midnight. Your submersible should be completed for feedback before submitting your final product. Please view the Evaluating water quality slide show on our website and visit the Pollution Scorecard website where you will type in your zip code. Take a moment to browse around. The information is somewhat dated but take a look at who the top polluters are for your area and the top pollutants. We will be referencing this data later. Complete NC Coach Lesson 24 - Monitoring Water Quality and submit on Canvas under the April 13th - April 17th Module. You will need to read the PBS water quality article on our website and answer the questions in Canvas. If you need anything, feel free to reach out via email or Remind. The county is requiring us to have posted office hours (mine are M/T/TH/F from 9 to 11) however, as you know if you contact me I'll get back to you shortly. Don't forget to check in via zoom at 11 on Tuesday & Thursday, you can ask questions about assignments or just check in. You don't have to stay the whole time!