Need a babysitter

By: Alyssa and Anissa Steward

About us and how we can help you out

We both love to play with kids and just adore them. This is the only chance we have to spend time with kids.I think you can trust us because we have a little sister ourselves and we know how much attention they need. Just to inform you we have had some experience with babysitting our little sister and i just know that we are at the point to where we can babysit other people's children.

age- 11 almost 12 (twins)

grades- A's and B's

age range for kids- 3 years - 10 years

We expect to recieve $10 for the both of us every hour. We will not put up with any attitudes although we do give punishments such as sending them to the corner for 5 minutes. If possible when we come we would like to recieve a list of things you need done (rules and guidelines for your child). We will make sure that everything on the list is done\ followed.

On a day when you have to work and have no one to babysit just log on and message us and we'll be glad to help.There might be a point in time when we cant come over because we are doing something important with our family which might happen a lot this summer, but we will try our hardest to come over any time you need us to.