NML Cyngi

By: Mike Hulcy

What is it?

NML Cyngi is a star. A star is a flaming ball of gas. This star is classified as a red hypergiant. It is the biggest star known to man!
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How big is it?

  • Largest known star
  • 1,650 times the sun
  • 2,295,000,000 kilometers diameter

Distance from the sun

  • 5,300 light yearslight years

Stellar Association

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  • 270,000 L☉

Apparent magnitude

  • 16.60


  • Discovered in 1965, by Neugebauer, Martz, and Leighton
  • NML stands for the names of the 3 astronomers
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Mass and Color

  • 32.5 Solar mass
  • 1,148,000,000 km radius
  • Red

Fun facts

  • 1650 times the radius of the sun
  • 4.5 billion times the mass of the sun
  • If NML Cyngi was placed at the center of our solar system, it would reach as far out as Jupiter's orbit!