Auschwitz I and II

By: Chloe Mann

Purpose of the Camp

There were three main purposes of this camp. The first purpose was to imprison any Nazi enemies. The second purpose of the camp was to have a free labor force for the SS. The last goal of the camp was to eliminate anybody who was not a part of the Aryan race.

Daily life of the Prisoners

Prisoners would wake up early and then get in the line up. They were lined up to receive work orders as well as starting the Appell. The Appell was the daily roll call and the prisoners had to stand there, completely still for hours. Then they would have a piece of bread and some watery soup before starting their day.

Josef Mengele

Josef Mengele was an SS physician who was known for his inhumane testing on humans. He did medical tests on prisoners from the camp. His work focused on twins and their genetic heredity. More often than not, he used children for his experiments. Many of the people he tested on died from his tests and his collection of their tissue/body parts.

Auschwitz II

Purpose of the Camp

Auschwitz II had the largest total prisoner population. It had many different sections for different genders, families, and a few different races. It was also a killing center. It had 4 gas chambers that killed 6,000 people a day. There were also large crematoriums that were built to burn the bodies of the deceased.

Rudolph Hoess

Rudolph Hoess was a major force in the Holocaust. He helped kill over 2.5 million people. He helped convert Auschwitz into a major killing center. He also discovered the Zyklon B is much more efficient than carbon monoxide. He even had an affair with a prisoner, then sent her to get gassed.

Daily Life of the Prisoners

The prisoners' life in Auschwitz-Birkenau was the same as the lives in Auschwitz. They got up early, went through the Appell, ate food that didn't supply enough nutrients, and then they worked.