Final exam

The huge migration shift in America in the 1800s was the the west
Immigrants brought there culture and customs to America and added diverse culture.
The UN was created to spread international peace.
South America is mostly independent from their first colonist in 1790-1828
Most chinese cities are located on the east coast next to fertile land
Israels boarders have changes a lot because conflict with neighbors.
Only can use nebular powers with peace
The Middle East uses desalinization
Theocratic- religious leaders

Democratic- citizens have power

Totalitarian-ruled by a dictator

High developed- high literacy rate, high life expectancy rate, High GDP

Not developed- low life expectancy, low literacy rate, low GDP

Cultural diffusion- spreading of culture

Subsistance farming- making only enough to provide for your family

Cultural hearth- area where ideas & innovations are made

Globalization- development of a global society

The Colombian Exchange led to the introduction of new foods and culture to Western Europe