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Quote Master (Moon)


"When we got off the ship, our feeds were going fugue with all the banners. The hotels were jumping on each other, and there was


from like the casinos and mud slides and the gift shops and places where you could rent extra arms. I was trying to talk to Link, but I couldn't because I was getting bannered so hard, and I kept blinking and trying to walk forward with my carry-on." (Page 8)

"Our feeds were clear again from all the moon banners, so for a long


we all watched the football game while the girls, they did something else on the feed." (Page 9)

  • From these sections, we can deduce that there is some device called feed. It bombards them with advertisements based on what they want and where they are.
  • They are on a march break trip to the moon and it's so empty and rocky and lonely.
  • Those feeds are somehow connected to their brains or bodies because when they were being spammed with all the ads he couldn't walk properly and kept blinking.
  • His writing is long and has run on sentences and his words don't seem to make much sense.
Marty said let us go into malfunction which seems to mean something because everyone freaked out. Especially the girls. It seems to be a sort of way to get high because they were saying one click and they wouldn't be able to know which way is up and which way is down. It is somehow related to their feeds because it is an

electronic malfunction or failure in this device that is in their bodies. (Page 33)

Reflection on Discussion


We discussed how this feed has seemed to take over all the teenagers lives. We asked what that feed may be and how it seems to be affecting the teens. How when they went to the hospital and their feeds were all shut down and how empty it fell. We discussed lesions and what they can be and why they may be a fashionable thing even though it is skin falling out. We discussed the way Titus talks and how he has a lot of run on sentences. He doesn't use proper grammar and always talks in long paragraphs as a form of a sentence. We discussed the ads they keep getting bombarded with and how they carry so much importance for their feeds. The connector discussed their use of slang words like null, malfunction, and youch. The media guru showed us a video of this new advanced way of advertisement which is a talking window on a train that only you can hear when you rest your head against the window. We connected that to the book and how on their feeds there are always ads playing. The discussion director asked what we think the feed is and its importance. She also asked what we think of this futuristic society.
The talking window
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Discussion Director (Eden)

Why do you think the author adds in a section of the book with the main characters in the hospital? What was he trying to show us?

This section of the book added to our knowledge of the characters and made us better understand them. The author was trying to show us how those teens are consumed by their feeds and how addicted they are to be on trend and updated with the latest news about their favorite tv shows or the latest sales. Loga was the only one with a feed not hacked.

Characters and what we learned

Loga- addicted to her feed, mistakes reality with the virtual world. Always stays up to date with the newest hair trends, not the most supportive friend and very distracted by her feed and her virtual life. Always M chats people and is the gossiping type.

Calista- Is the girls leader, likes to be the center of attention and doesn't like to be behind on trends or hair styles.

Quendy- Jealous from Calista and wants to be the center of attention. Copies Calista and her fashion and hairstyle.

Violet- Down to earth, doesn't like breaking the rules. She had her feed installed at age 7. Tries to resist the feed. Doesn't mind being without her feed. Knows dead languages and has fallen in love with Titus.

Titus- Very addicted to his feed, feels empty without any money to spend. He can't sit still, he is always looking for action and can't stay concentrated on one thing. He doesn't like to be viewed as dumb in front of a girl. Has fallen in love with Violet

Marty and Link- they are also addicted to their feeds and can't stay still. Don't enjoy not being in the virtual world and enjoy breaking rules and partying.

What could violet have meant by I just wanted to be normal in chapter 12( NIGHT AND BORING)? What is normal for them and how is she different ?

She meant that she wanted to be like all those spoiled kids with their feeds with no care in the world. All they think about is their needs and their personal lives.

Eden Discussion

We discussed how Violet said I just wanted to be normal, but what is their definition of normal? We think that their definition of normal is being spoiled teenagers who don't think too much of the future. All they think about is partying, ways to have fun and the newest trends. They don't think about the future of their environment and the


they have. They don't think about how they ran out of resources they just think of that specific moment and themselves. The media guru showed us a video about a girl who is so addicted to her phone she gets panic attacks if there is no wifi. This is similar to our book because those kids are really addicted to their feeds. They feel clueless and useless without them. The quote master showed us a quote about how violet said she wanted to be normal and we discussed what might their normal be comparing to hers. The connector made connections between how kids in this generation suffer from ADHD and how we are so addicted to our phones we can't sit still or communicate without them, and how those kids in the feed are so addicted to their feeds they can't sit still in the hospital without cussing or just how they get bored from looking at pictures.
Social Media Obsessed Teen Says 'I Can't Breathe Without WiFi'


Media Guru

Only Ten Percent Of World's Languages Expected to Exist in 2115
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ADmented Reality - Google Glasses Remixed with Google Ads

Utopia discussion

We discussed how everything was back to normal for them, but is their media crazed, consumption obsessed world even normal? will that be our world in a few years? It's hard to tell. We asked each other if we were born into the feed like everyone else would we fight it? How can we fight it, what can we possibly do to make our voice reach everywhere, and how will we warn people of what's coming? Most of us answered I'm not sure what I would do. I might as well give in to the feed. It's hard to resist something you were brought up to be, and what they were brought up to be was consumers. We discussed the video of dead languages and how we are making everything so basic that multi cultures and different languages would seize to exist.


Connector (Slumberland)

Part 4 of the book kind of wraps up everything. Violet starts dying slowly and before she dies she wants someone to know her memories. Know everything about her. Keep her alive even when she is dead, but Titus is just a teenager. Knowing she is gonna die doesn't make him want to deal with her anymore, or get so close. He doesn't want to get hurt. I can connect this to many lives of teenagers because one, most teenagers run away from anything that they find difficult to deal with. From the simplest things like studying for a test or getting a presentation done. To things like having an adult discussion with someone about their future, or doing things that involve hard work. The second thing is not only common in teenagers but in fact a lot of people it is running away from emotions or having to deal with them. In this last part of the book Titus has to deal with the death of a girl he loves. He has to deal with the fact that these are the last few days with her. So instead of comforting her and trying to make her feel better he makes it all about him. How he is uncomfortable with dealing with someone who can die at any time. How instead of choosing to spend every last minute with her and make the most of their time he chooses to dwell on the fact that she might die before her actual death. This is how people are when it comes to dealing with emotions, they make it more about themselves than the person around them hurting. Especially in an age where most teenagers are self-centered and care too much about partying, trends, and making the most out of things instead of thinking of the serious problems and getting to know themselves in depth. Understanding and being able to talk about emotions is not something most teenagers are capable of this century.

Slumberland (Discussion)

We discussed how Titus's behavior was selfish. He couldn't control how he felt towards the thought of her dying that he treated her so rudely. We discussed how the ending was fitting to the whole story. How she really knew too much and was the only one resisting it that her ending was predicted to be like that. If it was a utopia the ending would be perfect everyone would discover the truth. It is not a Utopia though it is a Dystopia and the characters do not realize that but slowly Violet makes Titus realize it. It was only fitting for the story to end that way showing you the negative effects of consumption and the rapidly changing technology. The author really made us connect to Violet and made her touch us on a personal level. Her views of the world are as realistic as what is happening today in our daily lives with the excessive consumption and the amount of selfishness that everyone has adopted as a quality. The ending is truly tragic and the words of the author everything must go are very strong. It can be interpreted in different ways what the author may mean. They could mean all this consumerism must end for all this destruction to stop. It could mean that America is finally destroyed. Like all the consumerism has to go or end. It can also mean that everything must go everything must be sold or consumed so they can make more. Like there is no end for consumerism until destruction.