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Cold War occurred after World War II, between super powers USA and USSR. Although no fighting ever occurred the USA tried their best efforts to Contain communism. Containment can be defined as the United States effort to stop the spread of communism. DMZ was a couple kilometers wide in which it was an agreement between nations, it established a boundary in Korea, because USA entered the war they had to have a draft in order to have able bodies to fight. General Childs Westmoreland commanded the Tet offense. Ho Chi Minh was a vietnamese communist revolutionary leader who was a prime minster of North Vietnam. During the Vietnam war the My Lai Massacre was a mass murder between 347-504 unarmed civilians in South Vietnam. National Liberation was a socialist party. Ngo Dinh Diem was the first president of South Vietnam. The Pentagon Papers were papers that were stolen from the Pentagon and published in the New York Times. The Tet Offense was the largest military campighn in Vietnam. Viet Cong was av political organization and army in South Vietnam goverments during the Vietnam war. Vietnamization was a Richard Nixon program that equipped the South Korean government with war materiel.
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Cold War
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Ho Chi Minh

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My Lai Massacre

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National Liberation Front

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Ngo Dinh Diem

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Pentagon Papers

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Tet Offensive

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Viet Cong

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1. February of 1960 Truman supports the French government in Vietnam, this is a major important event because it is the first step to contain communism.

2. August 1960 Truman sends first military advisers to Vietnam, this happening gets America more and more involved with Vietnam.

3.May 1954 North Vietnam prevails at Dien Bien Phu, this is the first successful push of North Vietnam.

4. July 21, 1954, Geneva Conference splits Vietnam at the 17th parallel this event is important because it shows North Korea rather divide then give up.

5. 1961 JFK initiates Operation Farm Gate and sends Green Berets to Vietnam, this is important because it is the first US troops to be in Vietnam.

6.May 1963 Buddhist protest of Diem regime at Tu Dam pagoda, this is important because it shows the major contrvoersy in the Vietnam war.

7.November 2, 1963 deposed South Vietnamese president Diem is assassinated, this shows how serious the North Vietnam felt about the war.

8.June 1964 Gulf Tokin incident is where many lives where lost.

9. August 1964 William Westmoreland put in control of the US military forces, this is important because Westmoreland would achieve many things in Vietnam for the Us.

10. 1965-1968 Operation Rolling Thunder Strikes kicks in this would serve to take the lives on many in the Vietnam War which would lead to more controversy over the war.

11.1968 Tet Offensive touches wide spread protest in the Vietnam War, this again shows how controversial the war was.

12.1968 The Phoenix Program prioritizes capture and interrogation in Vietcong, this effort would help in figuring out many of the North Vietnamese plans of war.

13. November 1969 The news of the My Lai Massacre reaches the public and it gives the war more controversy then ever because of the fact civilians were killed.

14.1971-1973 troop withdraw of Vietnam, which means the end of the Vietnam war.

15.1973 military draft terminated this meant you would no longer be forced to go fight in a war you did not want to be in.

Tonkin Crisis

This gave president Johnson nearly unlimited power to stop communism, and the result was expanding military operations.
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A famous World war one vetren

Bud Day was a POW in North Korea. In fact he was a POW for five years and seven months. He was a cell mate with John McCain. He would be the only person to escape and almost make it to and American camp were he was captured and tortured again by the North Vietnamese. He would later win the medal of honor. (AMELIA)
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John Mccain

John Mccain was as well a POW, he would be close to death when he would meet Bud Day, Bud would nurse him back to health. Although he never won the medal of honor, he would go on to be a politician and run for president. (ALEXIS)
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Top 10 songs

1. Fortunate Sons by Willy and the Poor Boys, this was a top choice because we felt as if it described the majority of how people felt about being drafted for the war.

2. War by Edwin Star this was another top choice as well because it as well described how many drafted soldiers felt about the war.

3.The Rolling Stone, Gimme Shelter describes how many drafted people were scared of the dangers they faced in the battle field.

4.Buffalo Spring field, for what its worth

5.John Lennon, Happy X-mas (the war is over)

6.Bruce Springsteen Born in the USA

7.REM, Orange Crush

8.Billy Joel, Goodnight Saigon

9. The Doors, the unknown solider

10. Stevie Wonder, Front line

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Hugh Thompson (a hero)

Hugh was a hero because he saved many lives and exposed to his superiors on what was happening to the civilians, and ended up saving many lives.

Mail online (villan)

The US was responsible for many civilians lives and it was the US fault for not properly identifying who the enemy was.