Come to Athens And leave Sparta!

By Adrianna Verzolini

Why Athens is better than Sparta,

Well to start, Athens is a peaceful place unlike Sparta. Also Athens is the largest City-State in Greece. We also control a region called Attica. We are a very rich City-State as well, we became rich because of Attica's silver, lead, and marble. (does Sparta have these resources, I think not.) We also have the biggest navy in Greece. Athens is also such a beautiful place to live. And people all over Greece come to Athens, do people come to Sparta? So what are you waiting for?

Cultural Actives:


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This is one of the places that you will be staying if you make the right choice to live in Athens. The architectural is very good.


In the early 500's BC Athens had new government. It is now the democracy. But no everyone has a vote. The MEN who OWN LAND were able to vote. I know you will say, in Sparta men and women have rights. You may be right but the thing is that the people of Athens do not need to be scared about people coming and wanting to hurt them.

Way of life and how the people were treated,

We are a peaceful City-State. And what are you guys? War-like. That is never the way of solving any problems. Maybe in some situation it may be okay but not in every situation. You guys need to learn that war is never the answer.


In Athens the children learn about writing, reading, music, art, and more. And what do the kids learn in Sparta? War. And maybe some writing and reading. Don't you think that the kids in Sparta need a good education.

this is where we are:

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