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The Harver Group Management: Contact Center Amsterdam starts with the TalentPitch for the selection of employees

Amsterdam – The Contact Center Amsterdam, where the calls for information number 14020 from the City Council of Amsterdam come in, will use the TalentPitch, the application tool to recruit the right contact center employees.

People who are looking for a job as a contact center employee at Contact Center Amsterdam can go through the TalentPitch via the internet and then apply online. Candidates are tested on specific skills through customer calls and an intelligence- and competency test. In the game actors play civilians. They call with a question, which the applicant must respond to adequately.

A candidate who successfully passes the TalentPitch can expect an invitation for an interview. With the use of the TalentPitch it’s quickly clear whether a candidate has the right competencies to work as a contact center employee for Contact Center Amsterdam. Any suitability for the function of contact center employee appears earlier in the starting phase of the selection process. This saves the CCA a lot of time and money in screening candidates.

The company videos in the TalentPitch give candidates an idea about working at CCA. The candidate can make an informed decision to actually apply for the position of contact center employee. Candidates also gain insight into their skills because they always, whatever the outcome of the TalentPitch, receive their test results.

The TalentPitch is one of the means to screen candidates. The cover letter, curriculum vitae and introductory meetings are the other components of the application process. The TalentPitch is a product of Harver. Harver develops (pre-)selection tools that select contact center staff.

Barend Raaff, Product Developer at Harver, says: “with the TalentPitch the CCA can search for the right contact center employees. Candidates are invited only after they have gone through the TalentPitch and are already assessed on their contact center specific skills and competencies. Precious time is only spent on the right candidates.”

Zobair Kushjar, HR assistant at CCA: “if a candidate completes the TalentPitch successfully this gives us a good reason for an interview to explain the results. The score is an indicator but not only leading in whether or not to accept a candidate.”

For the recruitment and selection of employees the CCA works together with Olympia. Daphne Al, recruiter at Olympia says: “Olympia has long been a partner of the CCA and is responsible for the recruitment and selection of agents of the CCA. We are closely linked to the CCA and know, from experience, how to select the best candidates. The TalentPitch of Harver helps us. A resume only gives a limited image but with the TalentPitch we get insight into the personality of the candidates. It also fits nicely with our own selection methodology; not only the hard criteria is important but also the soft components. Very positive!”