1920's Cars

Get um while their still hot

The Model T Ford

If you want to be part of history than you will want to buy one of the Model T Fords. It has a 22 hp, Four cylinder engine and was make of a new king of heat treated steel, pioneered by French car makers making it lighter than all of the competition. Read more on pg. 10


Hey guys, if you really want to attract the ladies than you need to be driving one of the

1922 Duesenberg Model A's. This car features an inline ,eight cylinder engine with an overhead camshaft and was the first American production car to be sold with hydraulic brakes. read more on pg. 5

Rolls Royce

Get the 'Baby' Rolls-Royce and be cruising the streets in style, with its 6 cyl 20 hp engine.

Read more about this ride one pg. 15