The Wetland Biome

Ready To Learn About The Wetlands

The Temperature and Climate Change Through Out The Year

  • The water supply is effected by the temperature and nutrient levels in the habitat of the wetlands.
  • The temperature can effect the wind speed in the area of the wetlands as the climate changes.

The Animals That are Living In The Wetlands

  • The most popular bird that is in the Wetlands is the Black- Winged Stilt
  • The most popular reptile is the American Alligator
  • One of the popular fish are the Cape Lopez Lyretail
  • One of the most popular mammals are the Marsh Rabbit

Here Are Some Of The Animals:

Facts About The Ecosystem:

Here Are Some Of The Facts:

  • The reptiles that live in the wetlands they normally live close to the water.The reptiles try to trick the other animals to get in and out of the water to stay alive.
  • Mangrove swamps have one of the most well used habitats in the wetlands for the animals to live.
  • Most of the bigger animals in the wetlands have a fish-base diet.
  • Since the Wetlands have been getting destroyed by deforestation and pollution caused the animals and also the habitat of the wetlands to be threatened for everything living in it.
  • The Wetlands are the most preferable place for insects to lay there eggs.