The Novel Hawk Newsletter

October 2019

Check out our library website,! Click the above image to go explore all of the resources our library has to offer.

Celebrating Students who Choose to Spend Time in the Library

Below is a graph of how many students signed into the library during the month of September (orange bar). The black bar represents an average count of students using the library during March-May of 2019.

These numbers do not include classes who have come down to check out materials, students choosing to be here for Hawk Time or students stopping in to buy a snack.

Big picture

Here are a few activities students have participated in!

Audiobooks and eBooks

If you or your students want access to audiobooks and ebooks, click the above image! We have current YA lit and I am adding more and more each month. You can also find this resource on the library website.

Students login to this service with their email username and password. If you are a staff member and your login isn't working stop by the library! We will hook you up!