Mr. O'Connell's Weekly Updates

Coolidge Elementary 10-19-20

Morning Drop off and pick up

Thanks for remembering to drop off students at 8:30 to come in for breakfast at their spots and 8:40 we will invite all into the building. We start dismissing car riders at 3:45 Mon-Thurs and walkers at 3:50. On Friday we will be starting to dismiss car riders at 2:15 and walkers at 2:20.


Our conferences will obviously look different this year as we will be conducting them virtually. Your child’s teacher will send home a shared doc for you to sign up for a time to meet with your child’s teacher over Google Meet. If you do not have computer access at home, please talk with your child’s teacher so we can make arrangements with you prior to the scheduled conference. Our goal is to be meeting with all families during the month of November.


The weather is ever changing as we inch closer and closer to winter, so this is a reminder to make sure you are sending your child to school with clothing that is suitable for the weather. We will be going outside for recess unless the wind chill is below 10 degrees. Having appropriate winter gear will help your child to stay warm while they are playing outside.Thanks so much!


We continue to practice emergency drills here at school. We have practiced fire, tornado drills last month. We will also practice an emergency drill in November to practice what to do in an emergency situation. We will practice them again in the spring as well. If you have any questions regarding our drills, please let me know. We practice all our drills so that students and staff know what to do in emergency situations. Do you have a system in place at your house for these emergency situations?

District guidelines with COVID-19

District Health Guidelines regarding COVID-19-- This link goes to the site the district has created to be a one stop shop for getting answers to student health guidelines. One question that has come up several times is, “Will I be contacted if a student in my child’s class tests positive for the virus?”--The answer is that if a child tests positive in the classroom, our nurse with the help of our staff will identify those students that would have been in close contact with the student and that is who would be contacted. Please see the documents linked for further questions also.

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