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Parent Update: April 21

"Ships" @ LAF

Traditionally, when we return from Spring Break our 5th graders are in middle school mode. They have just about outgrown LAF and are demonstrating middle school behaviors. This is all typical and expected. With the Spring also comes students interested in each other beyond friendship. Again pretty typical. This year, this increase in interest beyond friendship started early in the year and even popped up in 4th grade. A change that surprised many of us.

"Ships" known to us as relationships are how the students talk about and label their interest in each other beyond friendship. Again, all typical as they get older. Also typical is friends trying to make matches or help their friends to make connections with others.

What is happening that is a bit worrisome is that kids are pressuring others to be in a "ship" and when a friend or acquaintance says no or that they are not interested friends proceed with their plan to create this "ship". This has put a number of students into uncomfortable situations that they are not able to navigate because they are not emotionally able to do so. It winds up impacting their school day and their friendships. It has also been shared with me and the counselors that students are pressuring their friends to be in a "ship" with someone as a joke.

Now take all of this and pair it with social media, group chats, etc. and many students are in a place that they are not emotionally ready to navigate but are trying to do so anyway and at times on their own.

Please have a talk with your child about managing and respecting other's boundaries when it comes to relation"ships". We all know the complex emotions that come with relationships at any age. They will need a lot of support as they navigate this new part of their lives. Thank you.

SEL Days @ LAF

In February and this past Monday, the LAF Social Emotional Committee planned an SEL Day to provide the students with time to explore four activities which focused on team building, hands-on activities, mindfulness, and storytelling.

We started the day together in an assembly. After classes were randomly mixed up and placed into groups. The students were provided with a name tag lanyard with their own schedule to follow (see picture) for the day and off they went. Thank you PTO for helping us purchase over 500 lanyards. Each day was a huge success and I am confident that these days will become a part of the LAF culture moving forward. I have pulled out some of the feedback that was shared by the students.

  • "I liked making the turtle out of popsicle sticks and string. It was really fun and relaxing."
  • "Today I learned that I should always accept what is different about myself. Now I won't feel nervous when meeting new people."
  • "One lesson I learned was to conquer the fear of failing. I could use this when I feel afraid (happens a lot) that I am going to fail."
  • Suggestion for a change - "Nothing, it was great. "
  • "Something that I enjoyed yesterday was that I got to have fun with my friends."
  • "The team building activities because they will help me when I am older."
  • Suggestion for a change - "I wish we could change the groups instead of keeping them the same each time."
  • "I could use the "try to guess the music" idea it could help people calm down."

School Supplies: 4th Grade ONLY

The time has come to start preparing for the 2023/2024 school year by ordering your school supply kits for next year! The sale is active now, supports our PTO and saves you a trip to the store to find all the items the teachers want your student to have. Please click here to purchase your school supplies for next year!

The kits will be delivered to your child's classroom by the first day of school next year. Please contact Kate at with any questions.

Spring Concert & End of Year Information

Change of Date: 5th Grade Concert June 6th @ 9:45 a.m.

4th Grade Concert June 7th @ 9:45 a.m.

All concerts will be held in the CHS Auditorium. There is little to NO parking at LAF and CHS when school is in session. Please plan accordingly.

Change of Date: June 9th - Last Day of School

June 8th and 9th - Early Dismissal Days - No lunch will be served.

Yearbook Sale

Order your Lafayette 2022 — 2023 Yearbook today! 4th and 5th grade students will be in the yearbook. Extras will not be ordered. The cost is $25.00.

Visit, enter our yearbook ID: 14484023, and follow the prompts to purchase. Sales are open through Friday, April 21.

Take Your Child to Work Day

This year, Take Your Child to Work Day is April 27, 2023. If you are participating in this program for your work, please make a note in the parent portal for attendance purposes. This would be an excused absence if your child is participating.

Earth Day Greenraiser

We are still accepting donations so as you turn your closet from Winter to Spring, keep our Greenraiser in mind.
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28 - Pizza Parlor Day


15 - 17: ELA NJSLA
18 - 19: Math NJSLA
22 - 23: 5th Grade: Science NJSLA

26 - No School

29 - No School


2 - Field Day & Hickory Tree Pizza Day (Raindate 6/5)

6 - 5th Grade Concert (9:45 a.m.)

6 - 5th Grade DJ (Fun) Day (Raindate 6/7)

7 - 4th Grade Concert (9:45 a.m.)

8 - Early Dismissal

9 - Early Dismissal & Last Day of School

PTO News

Staff Appreciation Week is coming May 1-5th, show your Appreciation by signing up to donate a raffle item. Food donations will be added to SignUpGenius in April. Thanks in advance!!

LAF PTO is still looking for a few volunteers on next year's committees, please consider signing up. We are in real need of a Vice President, grab a friend and you can be Co-VP’s!!

Spring Picture Day is May 5th, we are looking for volunteers to help us out