By Olivia Storaci

My Project

My project is to spread the word about self respect in the halls of Silver Creek. I am creating a new social media site to help influence everybody's day who follows me. I would like to be a constant reminder to love yourself and to respect yourself on a daily basis. I created my Instagram on Sunday the 9th and will be spreading the word through my Instagram all week!

My Hope

Over the course of this week I am hoping to spread the word about Self-Respect. I hope that by creating this account I can be a constant reminder through social media(which people use all the time) to love themselves and respect themselves. I want to create the habit in people to have Self-Respect. Hopefully my project will help with that!

It will take four days to collect data and I will keep track of my increasing followers by recording the amount at the end of the day. I will see

My projects is getting action because I have been talking about it to some of my friends, and I posted about my new Instagram on my personal one to get some publicity.

I think the impact I am making is by creating a little buzz in their ear to keep on respecting yourself, and to make it a habit through a week of constant reminders.

Social Media

Through Instagram I advertised for my new page on my personal Instagram. Through that I got 101 new followers. And a total of 71 likes on my photos that were about having Self-Respect.


I believe that my project is getting attention because I asked people to follow through social media to support Self-Respect and they wanted to see what that was about so they followed my account to get followers. Then as I posted pictures the number of people that liked my photos will increase as They begin to see and enjoy the pictures that remind them to have self-respect.


I believe that my project has impacted people I a positive way. My goal was to post pictures to a social media site that people look on all the time and to help people remember to love and respect themselves everyday just through the kind words of I love myself, or I am smart, I am good enough. I think that just having that little reminder a day can help to change somebodies mindset for the rest of the day.