French Revolution

By: Jayden Kaschenbach

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Background Information

A monarchy of King Louis XVI in France started the French Revolution after he was questioned. Economic depressions and riots led up to the actual protest. A declaration was found and the push for a democracy was what actually made the people want to be involved.


The French Revolution was the people vs. the King and his army. The people believed they could overthrow the monarchy and what they did to their point across was they eventually be headed the king. They also attacked the Bastile Fortress.


Everyone says the French Revolution was a failure. It did not accomplish the task of making France a democracy. Napoleon took over the Legislature, later on claiming himself as emperor. Frances flag was also found after the French Revolution with three colors in it to represent liberty, equality, and fraternity.

Demonstration of Protest

The citizens of France showed their beliefs through protesting by rioting for whats right in their country and overthrowing the Kings power. They also founded the "Declaration of the Rights of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen" to allow power in the citizens too.
The French Revolution -In a Nutshell

Fun Facts

  • The war lasted for 10 years
  • King Louis XVI was executed
  • Many riots and economic depressions
  • Began in 1789
  • Ended around 1799
  • During the war, Napoleon expanded on to the French Empire