The Cable Car

By: Maddie Marlowe

About The Cable car!

Come try out the new cable car! The cable car is a new and approved way of getting to places faster and easier! The cable car is also faster than walking or riding your horse and buggy! Go on a ride today and see for yourself that the cable car is much easier and faster to get to places. Need an easy ride? Try the cable car to save some time!
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What is a Cable Car?

The Cable Car is a quick way of transportation that was created to help people. It is a cab that is lifted on metal tracks to get through the streets. It is a way to skip all of the traffic and congestion that goes on around it, traffic stops for the cable car to pass through. It will benefit people by getting them to work on time if there is traffic, or if there is an accident and they have an emergency.

Who can take this ride and how can it help?

It was very important and popular because it was an easier way to travel and people thought it was a positive thing to have. You can take the cable car into town or anywhere where they have built routes for them, it is kinda like a bus.

Who created this invention? When and where was it created?

The cable car is a faster way of transportation for all people.

Andrew Smith Hallidie created the Cable car in San Francisco in 1873.