Saturn Presentation


The Person who discovered the planet.

Galileo Galilei first spotted Saturn. It was discovered 400 years ago.

How far away is Saturn from the sun

It is 890.7 million miles away from sun.
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How long dose it take for Saturn to go around the sun.

Saturn revolves around the Sun once every 29.4 years
What is Saturn?

Dose Saturn rotate on an axis.

Saturn's rotational axis is tilted by 26.7.

Dose Saturn have moons.

So far it has 62 moons. They have been discovered around Saturn.
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What color is Saturn

It is lite brown and white.

3 fact about Saturn

It is 11,700 C.

Saturn is 746 million miles away from earth.

Saturn has 62 moons.

Saturn's alien

Saturn alien is cool,smart,and funny.His name Googly eyes.He has 2 eyes and a big head.He looks scary but he is not.
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Here are some photos of Saturn.