November 2014

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Visualize Poetry Around the World

I read about this project while looking at one of the blogs that I follow. I thought it was an interesting way to create poetry and build global awareness. Students create poetry, add visual and audio to their poetry and then share it on the wiki to connect with students from other classrooms around the world.
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Timeline JS

Timeline JS is an online program that creates multimedia timelines using Google Sheets as its starting point. There are easy to follow directions on their website as well as tutorials on YouTube. Consider using this program as a way to create a new teaching tool or presentation tool for your students.
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Gmail - Creating Labels

A great way to organize your Google email (Gmail) account is by using labels. Gmail has a few preset labels that you can use if you want such as receipts or you can create your own and set up a rule on which emails receive that label. Labeling is a very quick and simple tool that can help you organize your inbox. Tutorial from Fried Technology.
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Google Search

Tired of typing in your search request? Google recently posted an interesting blog entry about Voice Search and teenagers. Consider giving Voice Search a try. Also, consider the way you search - is there a better or more efficient way to search? Take a look at these search modifiers and consider giving a few a try. Maybe you have a student that needs a different reading level - you can help with that. There are several other tips and tricks for search - go exploring and see what you can find. Hints: Google customized searches and look for the advanced settings for Google Search
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AR Flashcards

Using Augmented Reality is a new way to interact with Flashcards. With the AR Flashcards and the free app that goes with it students can practice their alphabet. The alphabet flashcards are free. There are other flashcards that can be purchased as well.

Need something for a different grade level check out the apps on this blog.

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A Google A Day

For fun, explore A Google A Day and see if you and/or your students can solve today's problem.

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