Pratt's Primary Corner

Weekly Update- August 17, 2018

Week at a Glance

This section is where you will find out what we've been doing all week!

We spent the first two days getting to know each other and building our classroom culture. My number one goal for the week is to make every student feel welcome and loved when they walk through the door each day. I work really hard to build a classroom culture where students respect one another and feel comfortable.

The first two days of school were AWESOME! Here were some of our favorite activities:

  • "Mr. Lemoncello" locked one of his favorite books in a box. We had to solve puzzles and find clues around the room to unlock it. We worked together so well and got the box open with 6 minutes to spare! Our first read aloud chapter book this year is Escape from Mr. Lemoncello's Library.

  • We did a "rock paper scissors" competition with Mrs. Callahan's class after reading The Legend of Rock Paper Scissors. The winners kept finding new winners to face, until there was one final winner. The losing students followed the winners around and cheered for them. We've enjoyed building our classroom community. :)

  • We did our first Design Challenge! We worked in groups to create a newspaper shoe for Miss Pratt. When we were finished, Miss Pratt modeled them and Mrs. Callahan voted on her favorite.

  • We started discussing our Community of Learners through our first two Bridges math lessons. We made glyphs to represent ourselves and how we feel about math. We put that information in a graph and compared it.

Daily Snack

We will eat a snack every day around 11:00 AM. It is a long time between arrival and our lunch (12:25), so please remember to send a snack with your child.

Please remember we are a Nut Free Room, a safe-snack list went home on Meet the Teacher Night, but if you need to see that again, please click here.

If you would like to send in extra snacks from the safe snack list for those who don't have a snack, you are more than welcome to.

Parent Volunteers

I had several parents ask about volunteering. I will be looking for volunteers in the near future to help prep some of the materials we need for our Bridges Math Program. I will send out a link for that soon. Some other opportunities to volunteer will be:

  • Genius Hour (every Wednesday- sign up genius will be coming out in a few weeks)
  • Science experiments (an email will come out when needed)

There will be many opportunities for you to come visit the classroom for projects and presentations.

Captain Fluffy Winkle

So many of you may have heard that we have a class pet, a guinea pig named Captain Fluffy Winkle. Mrs. Callahan and I share him and he will rotate between our classes from week to week. Next week we will be sending out a Sign Up Genius so your family can sign up to take him home for the weekend if you'd like. :)