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Term 1 Week 11

We Made It!!!

Teaching Sentence Structure

Alan Peat is a well known UK educational presenter, with a particular interest in writing. He has come up with some sentence formulas to try and provide students with prompts for using different sentence structures in their writing.

I (Janet) have been using his resource inmy class this term with great results. I use it in a Sentence a Day program so students are practicing different sentence types each day. I have put a copy of his first book on the Shared drive in the Stage 3 folder -> Literacy -> Writing. A copy of my program for this term is also there if you wish to look.

Check out these sites for resources created based on Alan Peat's book - 'Writing Exciting Sentences'

Sentence Types Posters

Alan Peat Free Resources


As the end Term 1 quickly approches, now is a great time to start thinking about using digital programming for next term. All you need is the word documents you use for regular programming and a bit of time and you will be ready to go. If you are still deciding whether or not digital programming is for you, you might like to check out our programs for some ideas.

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Lizz -


Spelling City

Many of you may already be familiar, however with a new term approaching and brand new spelling lists now is a good time to have another look. Spelling City is a free website which allows you to upload your own spelling lists and complete activities using the words. The free activities include unjumbling words or sentences, missing letters, alphabetical order and hang mouse. Differentiation is very easy because you can add multiple lists.

Check out www.spellingcity.com to set up your teacher account, or if you want to have a play first try www.spellingcity.com/misshickey