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Kids Are Being Hurt Around The World

Cyber Bullying

Cyber Bullying is bullying over social media. It happens to kids all around the world. This type of bullying can happen without people knowing and we need to stop it. cyberbullies are making people feel ashamed about and some are scared to go to school because of these bullies. You need to stop these bullies and tell somebody if they are ever bullied online or on social media.

What cyber bullies do

Cyber bullies are insecure

Cyber bullies want to make other people feel the way they feel. They think bringing others down brings them up. They say mean things to make you feel bad about yourself. They try to make themselves feel better that is why they do what they do. They say mean things on social media because they don't want to say it to your face.

How you can help stop cyber bullies

If you ever see somebody cyberbully or someone getting cyber bullied you need to tell someone like an adult or tell them to stop. You might not know when this type of bullying happens because it an be on text messages at any time so if you are being cyber bullied you need to tell somebody so they will know and be able to be cautious about it.

How cyber bullying can hurt kids

Cyber bullying hurts kids all around the world. These kids don't deserve this. No one should one should do this because you can get in a lot of trouble and there is no reason to do it. Cyber bulling is pointless and it does no one any good. So download cyber sike and you won't have to deal with anymore cyber bulling.
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