Jackson the Zero

Why he wasn't a hero

Indian Removal Act

Jackson wanted to expand america by moving the Native Americans to reserves. The natives had to leave their nation in Georgia and travel to Oklahoma. Many Natives died on the journey naming it the " the Trail of Tears." "Big Knife" again had claimed the lives of innocent natives with out even moving a finger. Thousands of Cherokee Indians lost their homes, crops and loved ones to this mans blind judgement.
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Worcester v. Georgia

The court case that could of saved thousands of men women and children. John Marshall had ruled in favor of the Cherokee nation claiming that they were a "sovereign" nation and that Georgia could not interfere with them, but Marshall had no way of in forcing this so again Andrew Jackson had won again. Jackson ignored the ruling and continued to move the Cherokee from their land. Even though the court ruled in favor of the Cherokee saying that Georgia could not move them, Jackson's hate toward the Natives made him kick the innocent people from their land and to their new home in Oklahoma.

Jackson v. National Bank

When Jackson entered presidency he fought the National Bank to close it. Jackson believed that it was corrupt and only favored the wealthy. Jackson had no evidence that the bank was in fact corrupt or that the bank only helped the wealthy. He wasted time that he could have used to help the nation. Then Jackson found a way to close bank by taking money out and putting it in other banks. What if the economy crashed because he took out the money? He could have destroyed America with his personal vendetta.
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This cartoon shows Jackson fighting the national bank