Happy Hump Day!!!


140 Days 'til Summer Break!


"Improving yourself is the best way to help your team. Successful people set themselves apart because they initiate the improvement others need. When you get better, those around you benefit. Excellence has the potential to spread in the same way that mediocrity does. The postitives or negative of a group always begin with one. When you get better, so will others."

- John Maxwell, The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth: Live Them and Reach Your Potential

With the beginning of a new year and the second half of the school year, one of two things can happen: complacency or growth. I know for myself I needed the advice from this quote by Maxwell to challenge me to not be content with the fact that the school year has been great so far. Sweeny has done AMAZING things! We have an incredibly dedicated and hardworking staff that, in my humble opinion, blows others staff out of the water! But let's not stop here!! LET'S KEEP GOING!! That desire for growth and improvement is contageous and, as Maxwell says, so is mediocrity. I hope that each one of you challenge me to push myself to be better and I hope I can do that same for each of you!