Adventures Around MN

20% Project by Danielle Bacon (Hour 3)

Why I Chose This Topic

I chose this topic because I suffer from severe depression and anxiety and decided this would be good motivation to keep me from secluding myself and sitting in my house all day, everyday and also starting to learn more about the state I live in!

More Places I Visited!

Where I Couldn't Visit

During this project, I really wanted to visit Duluth because I have never been there. I did a bunch of research on the Glensheen Mansion and learned that a murder happened in the house rumoring the mansion to be haunted which really interested me. I have always been really entertained by supernatural stuff so I was really disappointed that I wasn't able to fit it into my tight schedule! I am however visiting the Vasillica Axe Murder House in Iowa this Summer which I found all because of this project.
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I have wanted to see that cherry and the spoon for the longest time simply because I always saw the snapchat filter of it and wanted to use it! I ended up taking this super "artsy" picture and am absolutely obsessed with it. Although I almost crashed into a very nice car trying to parallel park so I could get here, I still made it.


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