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Fun in 3rd Grade!

CRAZY for Circles!!!

Have you been watching the news this week? After learning about the recent unfortunate events of Florida with sinkholes, our class was sparked with interest!

Through research and math, our class has learned about sinkholes around the world while also learning about the diameter, radius and circumference of a a circle!

These young scientist/mathematicians created wonderful presentations on sinkholes stating their newly learned facts but also showed their math skills by determining the radius and diameter for sinkholes!

Our interest has spurred a whole day of teaching tied to sinkholes! The room has been buzzing with new discoveries and facts!

Fossil Finders!

If sinkholes aren't enough, this week we have continued our discussions on Fossils! In talking about fossils, we have learned more about types of fossils, locations of fossils and what fossils can help us learn about our Earth! We have connected with our inner palentologist and are after our discoveries are creating commercial clips for our very own National Geographic commercial!

Thanks to a little salt dough and some pretend organisms, we even created fossils to test other's observation skills!

I think it is safe to say, the fossil discussions were a hit!

Up and Coming Events!

Don't forget these important dates in the coming weeks!

NEXT Wednesday- March 13: Late Start

Thursday, March 21: BINGO NIGHT

Thursday, March 28: MAP testing Language Usage

Mon-Fri, April 1 - 5: Spring Break

What a Week of Learning!!

BINGO Night and Silent Auction

Don't forget at the annual Bingo Night for York Road there will be a Silent Auction! Our class is collecting donations for a 3rd grade level bag. Our theme: BOOKS . We would greatly appreciate any book donations or iTunes cards for ebooks. Gift Cards are great too!

Thank you for anything you are willing to contribute!

Dr. Seuss Fun!

We were very lucky to get a special treat from Mrs. Houston and Mrs. Madden this week! Our class enjoyed a few special Dr. Seuss treats and art projects to celebrate an incredible offer! We had a ton of fun rhyming, making silly sentences and creating Cat in the Hat handprints!

Thanks to Apps Gone Free, we were able to have a Dr. Seuss photo booth as well! Enjoy these pictures of our Seuss Students!

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