Internet Safety

Have Your Online Accounts Ever Been Hacked Or Deleted?

By Tamia Yarbrough

Why is Internet Safety Important?

Internet Safety is A BIG Subject, Many Kids Get Hurt Everyday So to Prevent This Here is a Few Tips. Many Kids Are Social on Sites like Facebook, Twitter Ect. Messages or IMs are Sent Back & Forth Then It Leads to Deeper And Deeper Information, The Next Thing You Know Your Meeting Up With The Person. They Could Hurt You & Tell You Not To Tell Your Parents, But You Want & Need To Get Help. So Follow These Simple Steps To Prevent This Tragedy.

Here Is A Few Tips On How To Stay Safe!

7 Tips

v Keep Your Username & Password to Yourself.

v Don’t Share Any Personal Information, Like Phone Number or Address.

v DO NOT Chat With People You Don’t Know.

v Watch What You Say & Post.

v If Someone Bothers You Ignore It & Tell An Adult.

v Never Post Anything That You Would Regret.

v Never Tell Someone Your Full Name.

Once Posted You Lose it


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