HannahBerry BOGO is BACK!

HannahBerry Photography Presents

Kick off to your success! Happy New Year! 2015!


Another year is here! What's my resolution? Spending MORE time with people who love to get their picture taken. That's where you come in. Sign up today for a kick off to your success photo session. It can be something as simple as wanting to grow a beard...or maybe not so simple for some, I suppose. Here are some other popular ideas, but why not get creative with it? Losing weight? Want to travel more? Ride your bike more often? Drink less? Drink more....water? The possibilities are endless.

What you get with your first 30 minute session:

A 30 minute photo shoot tailored specifically to your resolution(s)

5 edited photos

50% off your second session

online protected gallery

What you get with your 2nd 30 minute session:

1 30 minute photo shoot/celebration of your resolution achievements!

15 edited photos

Password protected online gallery.

1 side by side before and after edited collage

1 low resolution file for online sharing your success!

Contact Johannah for more detailed information about this special opportunity!

hannahberryphotography@gmail.com or call/text 915-526-2427