Spring into a Great Book!

It's that time of year!

Friends of NEISD Library's Edible Book Festival

A grand time was had by all! Here are just a couple of examples as there were almost 40 entries for the very first year. Make plans to participate next time! The FONEL website can be found here.

Missing Books, End of the Year, and Summer Reading

The last day for checking out new library books will be May 17, and all library books should be returned no later than May 23 (earlier for as many books as possible). We'd always rather students are keeping their accounts current ... reading and returning books in a timely manner for new titles! If you aren't seeing new library books regularly please check backpacks for notices with the titles listed. If you're not sure email Ms. Oliverson at aolive@neisd.net. Look for summer reading program materials (SAPL and B&N are two examples ... read and earn FREE BOOKS! Plus the public library puts on fun free summer programs!) around the last week in May.

SIx Flags Six Hour Reading tickets usually come around the first week in May.