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Hickman Library- May Edition

Technology Reminders

As we get closer to the end of the year please keep in mind the following things:

  • If you are transferring schools within MNPS your All Star laptop will go with you. Your iPad will stay at Hickman.
  • If you are leaving MNPS, you will need to turn in your iPad and your All Star laptop.
  • If you move rooms, please don't move any technology without letting me or Dave know so that it can be moved in inventory.
  • If you have technology that you would like to get rid of as you're closing up your room, please let me know. I can put in a move order to have it taken away.

All Star Laptops

It's just about a year ago that we finished up with All Star Training. This means that many of you will begin to receive an email about your laptop (if you haven't already). If you receive an email about turning in your laptop because the checkout period is over, please forward it to me. I'll take care of renewing your checkout in inventory. You don't need to turn the laptop in anywhere.

More Books!

We've got lots of Scholastic Dollars to spend, and I'm ready to shop! If there are specific books you'd like to see in the library (or authors, or subjects, etc) please tell me.