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November 15, 2019

Zahner and Sheppard out Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday

I'm hoping that title got your attention. Leigh Anne and I will be in Atlanta getting trained to be trainers for Restorative Practices. We are hopeful that this will help us next year get more student teachers here through a KAT program. While that is still in the works, we are excited about becoming trainers and using that to help our school continue on our journey with RP in addition to the other practices we have put in place to support our students.

We will have people in the office to support and keep the school afloat the days we are out:

Monday: Misty Keller and Jennifer Wyatt will be in the office for support.

Tuesday: Lamar Smith and Leanne Taliaferro will be in the office for support

Wednesday: Lamar Smith and Krystal McReynolds will be in the office for support.

For the Behavior team please note that on Monday we'll have Stokely and Way to help and on Tuesday and Wednesday we will have Music and Way supporting.

I truly feel that we will be fine and a building and that all will be will, but just in case we have two folks in the office supporting, ASC is aware that we may need assistance if we call them, and we have the best staff in the district who will pitch in where needed.

If you are on duty next week we thank you for being on time and in your spot for the designated time. Students doing morning announcements will report to Ms. Sheppard's office --where Wyatt, Taliaferro, and McReynolds will be--to do announcements with them. And afternoon duty should be fine with everyone supporting.

It will be a great week, the full moon has passed, and we are covered and ready for whatever the world will throw at us next week!

Neglect and Brain Research

This week Leigh Anne went to her Associate Principals Collaborative and heard a presentation regarding brain development and how it is altered negatively by neglect. Unfortunately, we see very often in our school evidence of students who have experienced trauma or some kind of neglect in their short lives. We have the power to make a difference in those students lives and work together create a strong and supportive environment here at school. Lincoln already provides a predictable, save, and supportive environment for our students. Some students take to it very easily because it is what they experience at home. Others do not because they have not experiences this level of love and support. The videos below are both excellent in content and just for our reflection as teachers and adults who support children to better understand what we can do to help support brains that are available to learn and grow.
Understanding Trauma: Learning Brain vs Survival Brain
InBrief: The Science of Neglect

Reminders for CICO

We are continuing to review and refine our CICO process to meet the needs of our students who use this system as a support to be successful here at school. Remember it is as beneficial as you make it. Please set a timer, a reminder, or what ever you need to ensure that you fill in the data and have a conversation with students at the end of the identified block daily and with consistency. Wednesday the behavior team met and part of our discussion was the CICO process and procedural items that we need to refine as our small group in addition to some other items that we felt might need to be reviewed with teachers as we continue to improve this process.

  • The team member who reenters a child into the classroom will stay as long as they are able to transition kids in/there is evidence that the child is ready and is integrated into what the class is doing at the time of reentry with success. It will look different for different kids. Sometimes we will just stay with the particular student, other times we will walk around and be complimentary to to the students. Unless there is an emergency and we must leave, the behavior team is committed to being a supportive reentry person for the student who was struggling.
  • At the end of each period of time when teachers are recording points on the behavior chart, be sure that the conversation that you have with your child is private and specific to them and their behaviors in your class. We discussed a great example of how a teacher made a point to ensure that her time with a student at the end of class was personal and private. When they were talking about the student's behavior in class, another student came up and stood next to the teacher while she was talking to the student. The teacher politely turned to that student and said, this is a private conversation, can you please give us space. The other child willingly complied. This kind of action shows the student who is part of the CICO conversation that you value them and want to keep the conversions personal and private.

  • Speaking of, If child is not in a place to hear about their behavior during the block of time you have them, do not force the conversation. While we want students to be able to listen to feedback and reflect with you about it, we all know there are times when a student is in the red zone and not able to talk to you about what happened in class. While you will always attempt to have a private conversation with each student regarding their behavior, if a child is not available to listen to you, do not force the issue. Mark the T on the chart. You can let the child know that you are available when they are ready to talk about today's class if they want to. You are holding them accountable for their behavior by the spread sheet, but with respect that at this time they are not ready to talk about it. Since the "T: will be record on the sheet, the person the student checks out with will discuss that portion of their day with them and debrief. Forcing a child to discuss something when they are not willing to listen is counter productive. A conversation will happen...but when the student is ready if they can't at the end of a class. We know this is not the majority of the time, but was something that a teacher brought up to our team to discuss and we wanted to share our thoughts on the matter.


Congratulations to Seth Wallingford, Sarah Owens, and Krista Manuel as they received tenure this past Tuesday at the BOE meeting.
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Thank You Grams

It is that time of year where we think about who we are thankful for in our lives. This is a time for us to help our student reflect on people in their lives that they are thankful for and to take a moment to recognize that. You will find the primary and secondary templates for thank you grams in the Lincoln Shared Drive. There is a folder that says "Thank You Gram".

Please take time next week to have students reflect on one, or more if they would like, people in their lives who they are thankful for. Encourage them to think about all the people in their lives here at school and at home. Their bus driver, the cafeteria workers, the custodians, teachers, IAs, student teachers, administration, volunteers, etc. Think big and enjoy giving thanks to those in our lives who impact us daily. Students can begin to give them to whom they want to thank starting Monday November 25th. It is important for students to be part of the moment when a person is thanked by them for impacting their lives. Please make an effort to have the students give the grams in person if at all possible. It means a great deal to the giver of the gram as well as the receiver.

Nutcracker Performances in December

Grade levels or classes who want to go to the Nutcracker need to let Marsha know by Tuesday, November 19th. Students will need to pay $2 for the bus. That money will be due on December 1st.

Marsha will need to know the number of students and adults for your grade/class. Thank you for getting that information to Marsha ASAP if you are interested in going to the Nutcracker this year.


We have enough crazy this week to attempt clubs. I have moved them to next MONDAY, NOVEMBER 25th at the same time (9:00).

Thank you for your flexibility!

Upcoming Dates

Monday, November 18th
  • Faculty meeting with Michael Hubbard in Library for teachers grades Prek-5 and Sped; Related Arts teachers will be in the conference room working on PLC work.
  • Leigh Anne and Suzanne are OUT.
Tuesday, November 19th
  • NO CLUBS--we have rescheduled
  • MULTIPLE teachers out for ELA training--See Judy's emails regarding subs
  • Spark 3:30-5:00--Gym
  • Leigh Anne and Suzanne are OUT
Wednesday, November 20th
  • Leigh Anne and Suzanne are OUT
Thursday, November 21st
  • RTI Data meetings in Conference Room 8:25-3:10 (Grade Level Planning)
  • Smile 3rd Thursday event --3:30-5:00--Art room --see Master Calendar for further info
  • Leigh Anne and Suzanne are BACK!!!!
  • Kindergarten Thanksgiving Program/Family Engagement-- 6:30-7:30 --Auditorium
Friday, November 22nd
  • Spark 3:30-5:00 Auditorium
Monday, November 25th

  • Clubs 9:00-9:45--various classrooms
  • Faculty Meeting--3:40-5:00--Standard Overview --ELA in Library --Math in Pike's classroom


  • All, please pass along to pertinent staff regarding Canvas updates: New Gradebook: will be enabled for all users in January 2020 -Documentation for teachers - Passport to Canvas: New free Canvas orientation course for students (available in the Commons - - New Analytics: Enabled now for all users. New Analytics provides a richer analytics experience for course grades, weekly online activity, and individual student view. - New Training Portal (self-directed): The new Training Portal is available through the Help menu. It includes free training material for users.

K-2 Science Professional Learning Opportunities - Next Sessions begin in December

The second part of each session from 3:30-5:00 PM is optional. However, these are the portions of the sessions that will be make and take workshop type sessions. Please let me know if a list of materials or necessary resources results from the sessions that we may need to purchase.

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